Oct 292016

Lord, I offer unto Thee all my sins and offences, which I have committed before Thee, from the day wherein I first could sin even to this hour; that Thou mayest consume and burn them, one and all, with the fire of Thy love, and do away all the stains of my sins, and cleanse my conscience from all offences, and restore to me Thy grace, fully forgiving me all, and admitting me mercifully to the kiss of peace.

I offer up also unto Thee all that is good in me, though it be very small and imperfect, in order that Thou mayest amend and sanctify it, that Thou mayest make it grateful and acceptable unto Thee, and always be perfecting it more and more; and bring me also, slothful and unprofitable poor creature as I am, to a good and blessed end.

Thomas à Kempis

  16 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. Amen. Beautiful prayer. Thank you.

  2. Wow…Amen! Thank you!

  3. Would you all please pray for our daughter, Annie. She is (over) due to give birth to her 4th child. I’m flying out on Tuesday for a 3 week stay to be a “Mama’s helper”. We were hoping she would have the baby before I got there, but God’s timing is perfect.

    **Please pray for peace for her.

    She had a very traumatic birth the last time and so there has been some anxiety about that. (baby was born not breathing and put in an induced coma for 4 days on cooling mats to try to prevent brain damage Thank God, he came out of it fine. The hospital even called it a Christmas miracle!)

  4. http://gwmgracenotes.blogspot.com/2016/10/reformationday2016.html

    May Annie experience another miracle of life in Jesus name!

    Thomas à Kempis always good reading.

  5. praying for Nonnie’s Annie and baby and safety for all…

  6. Lord, have mercy.

  7. Praying for nonnie ,anne, and baby

  8. Joining in prayer for Nonnie, daughter and grand-baby.

  9. No baby yet. I fly in a few hours. Maybe I’ll get to be with her for the birth. We hadn’t planned on that, but she said she wants me there, if I arrive in time. I’m a happy Nonnie either way. Thank you, beloved friends, for praying.

  10. Whilst Nonnie was flying over the Atlantic, little Magnolia Joanne, “Maggie” made her grand entrance!!! My daughter had a very short labour and wonderful birth. Mama and baby both doing fine. Thank you for praying !

  11. so glad to read the good news of little Maggie’s arrival…

    came by to ask for prayer for our local handyman and his wife who have become family friends… they just received the totally unexpected news of their son’s suicide in another state… they can’t afford to both go there (he was alone), so she is traveling to handle the necessary details, leaving them both grieving alone…

  12. Oh, Lord have mercy. So tragic. Praying for them.

  13. Em,

    Thank you for bringing them here for us to pray for…Lord have mercy indeed…

  14. thank you, Nonnie and Michael, it is good to have a safe place to bring prayer requests (the couple are professing, struggling Christians BTW)

    prayer continues for you and your families

  15. Happy news from nonnie. We celebrate with you!

  16. Em so sorry for your friends. Praying with you for them.

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