Apr 272013

thumbnail.aspxThe promises roll of your lips
and into our ears:
I will be with you;
I will love you faithfully;
I will be your God;
My covenant is forever.

We count on your words that flow from our ears
to our hearts, and we are glad.

But even while we listen,
we live much of our lives underneath the table.
We read these old stories, and
we know about intrigue and fear and
anxiety and near violence
and deception.
We mostly do not act out our violence
but we imagine and ponder and scheme;
and then we, too, must cover up
and the cover-up ferments;
our lives become complex and burdened.

We keep inventing ourselves and our underneath selves turn out
to be less than adequate
and we wish we were other than we are.
We juggle your good purposes and
our hidden yearnings and
try to serve two masters,
try to live two narratives,
try to live two dreams,
and we are weary.

Because we know our hearts of anxiety so well,
we seem fated to disease.
But because we know your heart of fidelity so well,
we know you will defeat our demons
and make us new.

We know about your abiding fidelity in
Jesus of Nazareth.
Give us patience and steadfastness as we
process the ragged edges of our lives.


Walter Brueggemann

  21 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. Praise!

    Reuben and Becky are Anglicans

    Probably does not mean much on the surface, but it is a radical change from where we have been in life past.

  2. Blessings upon you and your family, Reuben and Becky!

  3. Congratulations Reuben and Becky!!

  4. There was a stabbing today in a church on my side of town. 6 injured, 2 critically.

  5. Oh, so horrific! Lord have mercy.

  6. I’m completely blown away at how much I love my new church. No they are not perfect, but they don’t pretend to be either. The Lord is speaking to me by the teaching I hear on Sundays.

    As I contemplate what to do with my fallen marriage, I consider whether or not to file for divorce. During the week, I make up my mind to file, thinking that if it is not meant to be the Lord will stop it. Then I hear the teaching on Sunday, and I know I am not to file. It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I am so thankful for the Word of the Lord being taught on Sundays.

    Funny thing is, the teaching is not specifically on marriage, but how to live our lives victoriously in Christ.

    So today I claim that victory. I live for Christ. Whatever comes may come, because I know to whom I belong.

  7. Reuben…congrats!

    London….praying. So sad.

    Jlo…so glad you are at a place which brings you joy! Praying for your marriage…

  8. “Give us patience and steadfastness as we process the ragged edges of our lives.”

    Yes, Lord.

  9. Reuben and Becky– 🙂

    London– was out of town/civilization this weekend and just learned of this event from your post. Unbelievable– lots of victims, families and parishioners need prayer, including the young man and his family.

    jlo– what an encouraging post!

    CK– Amen….

  10. London, what a terrible thing to happen at church. I will pray for peace, His peace.

    jlo, you seem to be doing well. I hope that you don’t feel pressure to make a decision. Please trust that your steps will be directed. You can count on my prayers.

  11. thank you all.

    covered, i don’t feel any pressure, though there are those in my life who try to pressure me. I wait on the Lord for the right answer at the right time. untill then i wait. and thank you for your prayers, i covet them.

  12. Reuben, what does that mean?

  13. Hi jlo, I didn’t mean to sound presumptious, I just want God’s best for you. Waiting on Him as you are is a good place to be.

  14. covered, you didn’t sound presumptious at all. I hear your heart.

  15. Jlo, praying for you. I’m so glad the Lord has directed you to a place where you feel safe and He is being lifted up. Love and prayers, my friend.

  16. Ixtlan,

    It means simply that we are formally recognized as such by the church through catechism. Kind of odd, as I was already elected lay leader by the church.

  17. still need prayers for helpers.I need heart surgery, and I need to be totally out of Debbie’s care. I need 6 weeks of help. hopefully I will get enough women that this si not a great burden, for this they need a day or two practice with Kindra who is great, and will be able to train them well enough on Getting Debbie to bed. Really that is about 905 of this is watching TV or Reading to Debbie or just relax and read, then take her to bed and sleep here.. I have been asking for a while and so far with only one slot filled. I can do this surgery with help, and won’t live long without the surgery. please pray that i don’t get Job’s comforters or those who are sure everything and why am i worried, I am worried because I have had great need in the past and no one helped at all. if that happens this time I am a deadman. Pray for someone with time to help I will pay air fare if you are willing to come to 7 nights a week here sleeping here and weekends, and you would have all day monday through Friday off.if you want to run around and see So Cal friends.. anyone ? Please.

  18. keep forgetting 951-805-7455 john duncan

  19. Could I ask for prayer re: a work-related decision? Please pray for God’s clear direction and wisdom. Not doing too well with the stress. Thanks so much.

  20. Linnea, praying.

  21. Thanks, jlo!

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