Oct 262013

thumbnail.aspxWe have known forever that you call to obedience, that our obedience to your purposes brings well-being, that our departure from you may bring trouble, that life proceeds on a tight calculus of expectation and requirement, that in your awesome rule there is rigor along with generosity.

We have set out to he your faithful people and then we fall into an unintended brokenness.



We know about alienation from you and loss; we know about shame before our neighbors and embarrassment in the family; we know about the will to hide and become invisible, and we are consumed by depths of remorse.

When we are able, we come out of hiding long enough to face you.

We know all the cadences of confession and repentance, and that we have no secrets not already known to you.

We sense before you our deep dread of failure and our last shred of innocence gone.

We ask forgiveness and wait, at times before your presence we wait a very long time as we know of your silence and absence in our bottomness.

But we know more! We know of your unfailing love, your willing generosity, your readiness to remember our sin no more.

And so, after shame before neighbor, after embarrassment within family, after dread before you, we wait and then eventually you appear, you reach, you speak, you touch.

You give yourself to us without judgment-after we have judged ourselves.

You invite us to your presence, to the table of your feast, to your walk of companionship, to your mission of well-being.

We take timid steps toward home and are welcomed.

Now, in this hour of free-fall, be your good self again, meet us not according to our flaw but according to your generous self-giving: Be our Christmas, and start the world again; Be our Easter, and draw us from death to new life; Be our Pentecost, and breathe on its to begin again; Be your full, generous self toward us; we will begin again in obedience, and as we can obey, we will begin again in wonder, love, and joy.

Walter Brueggemann. Prayers for a Privileged People (p. 116). Kindle Edition.

  9 Responses to “Prayer & Praise”

  1. I hope this is not misunderstood, as often my desires to see families of people have passed on are taken. I won’t go into that it’s irrelevant like most things. I hope the people of CC, the family of Chuck Smith, and those that have lost are comforted at the memorial service. I was going to add more caveats about how I am not trying seek attention manipulate people and other vile stuff I have been accused of in my Christian experience. I just feel bad for them and wish them comfort. Which is a normal human feeling, something I am not capable of feeling, or at least that is what I have been told from almost day one.

  2. We visit and lead worship for a tiny little church about 2 1/2 hours drive from us once every month or so. This little church is composed of about 30 people. Many are on welfare, covered with tattoos (even their faces) , drug addicts, physical and mental disabilities, but the pastor and his wife love and care for them and in the 2+ years we have been visiting, we have seen lives radically changed!
    Please pray for the pastor and his wife. I’m not one to toss around the phrase “satanic attack,” but this is what is happening to them. I won’t go into details, but please lift up this couple who are giving themselves away for the sake of the cross.

  3. Just got off Skype with my friend in Ukraine. He told me of a young man (30) who was working up high on rented church property and fell about a week ago.
    He is in coma. Not sure if he will survive. He is married but no children.
    Church is helping pay for medical care and helping wife etc. but still not sure what will happen
    If he dies, then his supervisor could spend life in jail. If he survives, then supervisor still faces seven years in prison for lack of proper paperwork for that type of work.
    Prayers all around would be good

  4. Praying London.

  5. Nonnie—praying for your pastor friend and his wife. Inroads into the kingdom don’t go unnoticed by the enemy.

    London–praying for the young man in Ukraine…

    Please keep my friends Tony and Mike in your prayers–brothers who are both undergoing chemo and stem cell transplant for cancer. Also, their sweet Mom, Janet, who lost her husband a couple of years ago.

  6. Also, if you would pray for wisdom regarding a job for me…thanks!

  7. Linnea, praying for the brothers and their mom. And your job. I know that has been a real trial for a while. May the Lord direct your steps and provide soon.

  8. We got a call today that Gunilla is close to death. We went to the hospital and said our goodbyes. This is happening so fast. Please pray for the family, They are handling things so well but I’m not sure how that might change when Gunila passes.

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