May 242014

thumbnail.aspx_The witnesses tell us that your promises persist and will come to fruition; We find that retelling of such promises deeply compelling in our own lives.

You are the God who reached our family not yet formed.

You uttered promise and sent father Abraham on his daring way.

You assured mother Sarah of impossibility and sent her laughing in disbelief.


You hoped them to new land, and since have been giving sons and daughters and futures and possibilities, beyond all that we can hope or imagine.

We are the glad carriers and recipients of those promises.

We live each time from the trace of your future that keeps surprising us with gifts and chances and hopes.

But your promises seem so flimsy, so risky, so unsure.

We keep fashioning better guarantees.

We lie a little here and cheat a little there.

We add our own securities, and then find that every land of promise becomes a turf of killing dispute.

The promise fades; it feels more like we are on our own.

So do this yet today.

Match the goodness of your promise with the daring of our faith.

Let us trust beyond seeing, risk beyond laughing, yield beyond calculating.

By supper time give us the freedom that belongs to your “Yes,” Your “Yes” we have seen fleshed in glad obedience. Amen.
Walter Brueggemann. Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth: The Prayers of Walter Brueggemann (p. 34). Kindle Edition.

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  1. Thankful that Dusty didn’t need surgery and that Derek’s sister doesn’t need medication. I hope Dusty heals quickly and the diet works well for Derek’s sister. I hope Michael and Trey are doing well.

  2. We had a good turn out for the first important meeting we needed a good turn out for. The room was at least half-full which is a lot for a city council meeting. The mayor, though, was pretty darn patronizing and obviously doesn’t want anything to change.

    The next important meeting is this Wednesday and I really, really want the room to be, at least, totally full if not overflowing. If our city council doesn’t change the special assessment policy a lot of homeowners are going to be faced with huge bills that they simply can’t pay. I just hope that the members of the common council are swayed and convinced that this needs to end and are willing to vote against the mayor.

  3. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers on my behalf j2theperson

  4. J2theperson….praying in agreement of all you hope for.

  5. Praying for Michael and Trey

  6. My wife will be having elbow replacement surgery this coming Thursday. Please pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Thanks.

  7. Ebrother praying in agreement for the outcome of her surgery.

  8. Praying for e’s wife, Trey, Michael and Dusty’s foot.
    Also, praying for J2. Just remember J2, local pressure from many can really sway local politicians cause the voting pool is smaller. If it doesn’t work at this meeting then consider reminding these people that people can run against them and keep up a grassroots campaign.

  9. J2… That’s excellent! You had half the room full… Will be prayin for a full turn out for the next meeting

    Praying for you Dusty… Missing you today ,,. Hoping you will be able to travel my way soon for a visit! Or perhaps I will be able to travel your way soon for a visit… We are overdue!

    Praying for trey and Michael this week

    e~ praying for your wife’s elbow replacement surgery this week

    We are scheduled this week for surgery as well., family member having cancer surgery,.. Praying the surgeons will be able to get it all… And may it be that God grant complete healing…

  10. Praising God for a most beautiful day!
    The freshness of the air,
    the fragrant blossoms on the trees
    The sounds of gently chirping birds all around
    The warmth of the sun
    The calmness of the twilight

    Thank you Heavenly Father for the wonders of your creation … The joys an delights you have bestowed upon us through your vast creations

    Help us to be more mindful of the glories of your handiwork, that we can delight even more in the great God that you are

  11. The next meeting is the one that I put a lot of effort into trying to get people to attend, so I’ll be really disappointed if more people don’t show up. I couldn’t go door to door, but I sent out a *ton* of letters to people who will be facing special assessments in the next few years if things don’t change.

  12. Please pray for my coworker/ friend, Kathy. her niece was one of the victims in Santa Barbara over the weekend.

  13. incredibly sorry to hear that. Have been praying about that situation, and will be praying for Kathy.

    I am going to be taking a bit of a hiatus from internet, so will not be updating the prayer list over the summer…heading to NM/CO in a few weeks and have some other things taking me my attention away from internet. I will pop in from time to time and will check in on the prayer thread when I do….will be keeping you all in prayer!

  14. That’s very sad, gomergirl. 🙁

    I hope you have a great time over the summer, Sarah, eventhough that means we won’t be seeing you around online as much.

  15. Gomergirl~
    So very sorry to hear of your friends daughter
    I can’t even imagine the depth of the grief


  16. Returned from surgery
    Thanks be to God., we were told all the cancer was removed…

    Thank you for the kind prayers

  17. Belinda is home resting after her elbow replacement surgery today. The surgery went fine and afterwards the doctor said she had 100% range of motion, something she hasn’t had in years. Physical therapy will be tough and the goal will be to regain full motion.

    They sent her home with a drip that will keep her arm without feeling until Monday. Then on Monday she has a visit set to see how she’s doing.

    It’s important that at all times her arm is elevated above her heart and under no condition can her arm drop suddenly so we have to walk her and hold her arm up whenever she has to get out of bed.

    We are grateful for a good result and are hoping she recovers well. We have two of her sisters staying here on rotation until at least Monday which is a big help.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  18. Ebrother, that is good news!!! we will continue to keep both of you in prayer.

  19. Good to hear that E.
    Also good to hear about Dusty’s foot.

    Update on my car. It has reached a critical point and I don’t think I am prepared to sink any more money into it.
    I have enough for a down payment and I plan on searching for a small used pickup this weekend. Hopefully, a Ford Ranger. I had one for years and loved it.
    Just pray that I find one that will run good.

  20. praying for all

  21. Really need your prayers today.
    Really need a job.

  22. Still praying big brother!

  23. Thanks, Dusty…much needed and appreciated.

  24. I know Michael…..I wish my prayers for you would all be fulfilled….I wish all your prayers for you would be fulfilled….have mercy Father….remember Your mercy

  25. job, for you!!!

  26. Thanks, G.
    Getting scared…

  27. praying for you my friend, I totally understand.
    sending love your way

  28. Praying for you Michael.

  29. Liam the young boy in a coma from the jet skiing accident is home and healing very well. His motor skill seem good, though he cannot walk too far without getting dizzy. Praising God for this miracle.

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