Mar 162010

I’ve got Bentley and Joyner pegged.

This is all about cash…and they’re getting desperate.

Watch this compendium of lies and spiritual fantasy…thrill to stories of angels with swords hovering over the hirelings fat gut and learn about the “angels of finance” who oversee the “treasuries of heaven”that the charlatans can get you access to.

They’re pulling out all the stops to get people to “buy” in to a new revival featuring everybodys favorite fornicating, covenant breaking, liar.

It doesn’t seem to be working.

Trophy wives are expensive…so are huge pieces of property with unfinished buildings.

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  1. Coming to the “GOD”Channel soon………………


  2. Michael:

    The “debt cancellation” is timely for MorningStar (“Old PTL hotel owners face June demolition”).

  3. hmmm someone here posted the link to B Hinn’s plea for understanding… he kept repeating that he was alright and pleaded with his ‘partners’ to not give up on him… they know their audiences mebbee – sad

  4. Ian,


  5. oh….preying…I get it… how sad

  6. Well the nonsense will not hold for long…

  7. Yuck!

  8. The nonsense has been holding in one shape or form since Azusa Street.

  9. lately the nonsense is hairless, round, pierced, and ‘tooed. 😉

  10. the photo looks like Kenny Rogers and his mini-me.

  11. …or the Big Dog and his whelp.

  12. …Boss Hogg and his li’l porker.

  13. …”Buffalo Bob” Smith and Howdy Doody?

  14. Finally, an interesting thread. 🙂

    Seriously, there has been some great discussion here in the past couple weeks. Thoughtful mature comments from people with real experience trying to take the Xian life very seriously. I genuinely respect that.

    What can I say.

    I love the people here. I love Todd and Rick.

    I suspect Todd is about 200 butt-ugly pounds of Pharisee detector dropped into the Body of Christ.

    I have a big problem with “spousal upgrades” for no good reason. That is because the Bible makes a big deal about deals – deals between people, lifelong ones especially.

    It could be argued that we are all hypocrites on this divorce question, and none of us know what to believe.

    Has anyone here been around long enough to remember “The Christian Family” by Larry Christenson? I still remember the pain we went thru in our church trying to sort that out.

    As much as one hates to accomodate the objective truth of scripture to the cultural reality, we decided that there were then, as there are now, too many divorced and remarried dear people around for us to sledge-hammer them with Matthew 19:9.

    If anyone has a solution, I’m listening.

    Then we can move on to TB’s other issues. None of which matter a whit to me, though.

  15. “I suspect Todd is about 200 butt-ugly pounds of Pharisee detector dropped into the Body of Christ.”

    Todd is 200 plus pounds of bull excrement soiling the Body of Christ.

    There…I sorted it out for you.

  16. Bentley needs to pee in a cup…

  17. “Bentley needs to pee in a cup…”

    So does anyone who takes him seriously as a Christian or minister….

  18. Is it important to find out what level you are on and to aspire to another level? Is this the Super Mario Anointing? How many levels are there? And you know that ‘another level means another devil.’ I read that somewhere… who knows what the reference for that is?

    Lemme get this straight …if I doubt Todd or think he is making it up…then I am a Pharisee? I wondered what those were. But hey before I go off to party pooper hell somebody tell me what in the world TB even said. Because I have read the Bible and whatever he said ain’t remotely in there. But maybe when I get to another level I will understand better… looks like right now I gotta go back to the beginning again because I fell off the platform on this level.

  19. Well now…that was an excellent comment… 😉

  20. first time that i’ve been able to watch these guys in action – they’re good, should be able to sell the product – turn the clock back 60 years and they’d make a good living selling cars on local TV – sometimes i truly don’t understand our Lord’s forbearance – is it possible that they are so impressed with themselves that they don’t know that they are all of the above mentioned descriptions posted?

  21. They are going to be selling “Glory Clouds” candy bars out in the lobby!

  22. They ought to be selling “Flakes” candy for sure

  23. London : Flakes!!! 🙂

  24. :mrgreen:
    I found one in my freezer last night behind the ice cube tray.
    Chocolate heaven!

  25. Does anyone take these guys any more seriously that you take the infomercials for the products that cleanse your bowels and guarantee that you will loose 20 lbs over the weekend?

  26. I know a lot of people who have been burned by this type of stuff, the response was well if they are stupid and pathetic enough to give or need, they have it coming. Personally I cant nor wont fault Bentley he is working the business, that is all it is, a business. Well actually if it was a business in the normal sense they would get in trouble for misconduct but sense they are doing it for God its ok to exaggerate, make things up and so on.

    I have always wondered about the restoration of these folks, I understand restoration should only be based on one’s ability to perform, win in the apologetic, bring in new church members, raise funds and other such spiritual gifts, but I cant seem to find that in the bible, not important but just an observation.

  27. A pharisee detector is like the stuff the hygienist puts on your kids’ teeth to show where the plaque is.

    To the extent Todd makes you turn purple, beloved, maybe ….

    I don’t think the hygienist – or God – is trying to judge anybody.

    Just help you be healthier, that’s all.

  28. There was a moment in the video when a whole row of women were nodding with knowing approval when Todd was uttering complete gibberish … that frame told the whole tale. I mean this man is about a three time offender, who screws his wife, his girlfriend, the press, the U S customs, the 17 Apostles of OZ, his own kids, and most of all Rick Joyered at the Lip …AND parlays the whole thing into a year-long paid vacation complete with handlers and rebranding and now he is back peddling hand-sized glory clouds, and spirits of ‘the fear of the LORD’ … and the renewal movement hasn’t got the discernment to smell a dog-pile in a nursery so he just keeps inventing new myths and passing the hat.

    This guy could sell condoms to teenagers from the pulpit and convince their mothers that the anointing will keep their kids pure. The crowd would loudly applaud. There is literally nothing he can say that is so absurd that people will not believe it. And the ethos of the whole place is that anyone who disbelieves is the real devil but Bentley is handmaiden of heaven.

  29. Dread,

    I say that perhaps it’s time you grab a few of the good ones in your movement and start a Reformed Charismatic movement before it’s too late.

    Either that or go Conservative Anglican, … 😉

  30. Bentley has had more angel visitations than everyone in the Bible combined, he has had more ‘revelational’ dreams and visions than Ezekiel, Daniel & Pilates wife, he has healed more sick people than Jesus and the 12 Apostles, he has heard God say more things than John said the world could contain if they were all in books… and none of it has kept him from getting what he wants.

  31. the list of possible sources for Todd’s mythology is alarmingly short. None are reasonable, acceptable, or biblical. His poison won’t just cause discomfort, it’ll kill.

  32. Angels probably do visit Todd, just not the ones that come down from heaven.

    Although actually, it’s more likely that he makes it all up.

    I am torn- Kook or con?

    (This is a game a group of us would play who used to listen to Art Bell. Was the night’s guest crazy (he really believed that President Clinton was a reptile in disguise) or was he a con-artist, only in it for the money?)

  33. Renewal suffers from the ‘king has no clothes’ syndrome… inherent in their theology is the idea that criticism is very bad. Self-criticism is self-limiting, and criticizing others is worse than the deception that can take place if a critic is correct. The idea is that negative talk is self-fulfilling…thus everyone is silent when they hear some odious claim from a boisterous pedant.

    I am listening to a story about Wall Street’s self blindness. It is about the willingness to ignore an impending catastrophe. Same thing in renewal…someone experiences something, maybe even something good, but it becomes something amazing, then it is embellished and now it is more lie than true but on it goes… here is the thing…the shelf life on a story is very short as to verification but endless as to impact if told as true.

    I do not think most people set out to lie but the lie when told is so applauded that it becomes easy to embrace… approval is intoxicating. Finally the suspension of all disbelief sets in …

    Renewal needs veracity… and a man like Bentley cannot carry the weight it needs. He is visually a cartoon, he is by personality a caricature, he is by audacity an anomaly, and he is by sensationalism completely without boundary. He cannot rehab the movement he can only speak to the innermost devotees.

    And here is the worst problem …once people have believed him they have to assault themselves to disbelieve him… it is hard to do especially the more public you are in your endorsement.

    Bentley is a disaster if you love the revival/renewal … he is your greatest hope if you hate it for he has the capacity to collapse it like the ‘Latter Rain.’

  34. kook. nuttier than a payday. con. tapped the nuttiest tree in the jungle.

  35. “This guy could sell condoms to teenagers from the pulpit and convince their mothers that the anointing will keep their kids pure. The crowd would loudly applaud. There is literally nothing he can say that is so absurd that people will not believe it. And the ethos of the whole place is that anyone who disbelieves is the real devil but Bentley is handmaiden of heaven.”

    OH my!!!! This is classic Babs!!!

  36. Xenia,

    I agree with what you said.

    But if you’re talking about fleecing God’s children…it goes a lot further back than Azusa.

    Remember what Rome was doing in Luther’s time? Remember Johann “when a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory dost spring” Tetzel, the #1 indulgence salesman of his time?
    God’s children have been fleeced by the Church through its history, especially during periods of corruption.

    Sad but true, that gullibility and abusing one’s power (by church authorities, no matter the church structure) seem to have no bounds.

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