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So..while I’ve been out of sorts, the Calvary Chapel Association has been busy.

I haven’t spent any time catching up on all the hijinks,but I do feel compelled to comment on one thing.

The McFocht Bros. have thrown together a “West Coast Pastors and Leaders Conference” for April, featuring the best of the CCA seniors crowd and their valet, John Randall.

Randall’s honorarium will be paid in ChapStick…

I digress…

The name of this conference is “Stay the Course”.

This is ironic, as that was the name of George Bryson’s campaign a few years back.

There were similar objectives, mainly that of establishing a “pure” version of Calvary Chapel that reflected the Distinctives and held fast to what Bryson believed was the intent of Chuck Smith.

Don McClure exiled Bryson out of the movement for his efforts.

Why would you exile someone with common views?

Bryson also said loudly and clearly that Smith had told him that the CCA was not his idea and that Chuck was not supportive of the group.

That got shut down in a hurry…

This flurry of conferences being thrown together is simply simply the work of McClure to accomplish what he’s been striving to gain for years.

This is all one massive power play…nothing more, nothing less.

If your analysis of the situation doesn’t start with that…your analysis is wrong.

More later as I catch up…

A new version of the CC video…

  31 Responses to “Stay The Course”

  1. The website is well done, very hip, contemporary, cutting edge.
    Good work designers & coders.

  2. Focht had me believing at onetime he was only concerned about his little fiefdom in the North East. Not so sure anymore seeing this West Coast conference lineup.

  3. Good branding via a hip website design does not mean the content is viable. As consumers, we need to be wary of “marketing”. Unfortunately, this admonition applies to consumers of the church as well.

  4. in spite of G’s knowledgeable appreciation of good artwork and marketing – yes, what Linnea said…
    we are subject to subtle manipulation so much more that we realize, so much more than we can even keep up with in today’s world – IMNSHO, of course

  5. Michael,

    I see that there is a vendor sign up for the conference. I know there used to be Phoenix Preacher cups and shirts available. You could sign up to be a vendor. You could even have a sign-up for advanced orders of your new book. 😉

  6. Bob,
    Love that idea!

  7. Bob,

    You have hit on Michael’s big opportunity to escape the financial blues. He could tell them first printing of the book will be 100,000 copies. All the CCA power brokers and supporters will then have to pony up for all those advance copies in order to keep the book out of the hands of the less anointed who could be deceived by such rubbish. 🙂

  8. Bob, great idea. lol

  9. KevinH you are funny! LOL

  10. John & Linnea,
    My parents rightly taught me that when I’m tempted to say something bad & angry, pay a compliment instead.

    I agree completely, the content will be typical Calvary Chapel

    “We’re specially anointed! The others? Ichabod!”
    “We’re the Philadelphia Church of The End Times, they are Laodicea!”
    “Other churches have strayed, we have not”
    “Chuck says…”

    See why I focused on the website design? 😉

  11. Cool. One of my headshots is on the website. 🙂

  12. Talk about manipulation.

    Any time you watch the television news anywhere upon planet earth you will see circle graphics.

    Circles within circles and half circles all moving around.

    I read a psychological report on it once that said it was a hypnotic inducing thing like the hypnotist snapping his fingers.

    Apparently it puts the viewer into a trance like state so they can be programed.

    Don’t know if it is true or not but the circles are indeed in every countries news cast.

    Check it out next time you watch the news.

  13. The April Fool’s conference. 😉

  14. “Randall’s honorarium will be paid in ChapStick…”

    My sentiments exactly!

  15. I taste bile in my mouth when I look at the speakers pics…and I feel like I’m looking at some kind of “Wanted” posters.

    (but I agree: very nice website design)

  16. “Cool. One of my headshots is on the website. 🙂”

    Oh yeah? Which headshot is yours? 😉

  17. For those of you who aren’t from California, please note that the host city of Diamond Bar doesn’t have any skyscrapers, no matter what the background pictures show. Unless they really grew since my last drive through the area a few months ago… and added a replica of San Fran’s Transamerica Building. Nor do they have thick pine forests.

    More realistic background photo would be the afternoon traffic jam at the merger of the 57 and the 60 freeways. 🙂

  18. Anyone notice that the first word from the first day of the schedule is Mandatory?

  19. ( |o )====:::

    You are, of course, right and I’ve always admired your ability to be gracious in all topics.

    BTW, it is a very well-done site, which I hope they can re-use as I’m sure it cost a pretty penny to design and implement.

  20. What astonishes me is that they can still keep the tithing units in the pews.

  21. If the new videos ending was truly how it’s going now….sigh.

    Still…loved the video.

  22. I forgot the word “only” between the words “if” and “the”…oops

  23. Hey Michael,


    I find it very curious that appeals are made to two things. First to a kind of oral tradition. “Chuck personally told me X.” And second, that Chuck’s intent is somehow ultimately normative and binding. Why is that?

    I mean to ask, shouldn’t it matter more, what is Scripture’s intention for us? Doesn’t that trump both the appeal to oral tradition and whatever intention Chuck had?

    Ironic. Who knew pop evangelicals could behave in such a Catholic manner.

  24. Only $60.00. Does one get an event tee shirt and a “Papa Chuck” coffee mug?

  25. Gotta love the loyalty of these guys…

    Brian Broderson graciously gives Raul Ries’ son Ryan Ries a platform at CCCM and on KWAVE and Raul repays him by hosting a competing Pastor’s Conference at his church 30 minutes away. And he is one of the “anointed” council members who CC is supposed to look to for divine guidance.

    With friends like these…

  26. Good to see Perry here.
    “Ironic. Who knew pop evangelicals could behave in such a Catholic manner.”

    We have been watching this march away from the Reformation for years. American Pop Evangelicals whack the RCC with one hand and embrace their doctrine with the other.

  27. Who made the YouTube video? That was excellent writing and timing!!

  28. At Scooter Jones…

    To be clear, I’m a photog, not a pastor.

  29. PM, got it. I thought you might be Raul 😉

  30. Perry Robinson. Kudos! You nailed it!

  31. Anyone else note that Raul changed the “prophesy” that the Catholic church will produce the antichrist and one world religion with Islam? Does that mean all of my prophesy books from the late 80′ and into the 2000’s were wrong? Can I take them back to the chapel store?

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