May 102018

If you find what we do here valuable, please consider supporting the work we do.

You can make direct donations via PayPal using the “donate” button on the top left side of the site.

You can mail support to Michael Newnham, P.O. Box 226, Phoenix,OR 97535

Using the Amazon link on the left sidebar is very helpful as well.

Amazon gives us a small fee whenever you purchase things through our link.

Another way you can help is by “sharing”…and this applies to anything of value you read online.

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Thank you for your support.

We covet your continued prayers and participation in this work.

I can always be reached at with your questions or concerns.


  2 Responses to “Support the PhxP”

  1. Michael

    Not to get too personal, but…

    How many hours a week does it take you to post the articles, prep Linkathon, write your own articles and moderate the blog?

    Do you have a ballpark estimate of how much it costs you annually for the server, web-hosting, modem and assorted tech gear?

    Finally, are there additional items/services needed to allow PhxP to “take the next step”?

    I only ask because I know how expensive it is just to do our music site.

  2. I didn’t know I’d left comments open…I’m surprised that no one said anything nasty.

    The biggest cost here is time because what shows up in print is only part of the investment.
    If we’re tracking down a story, that is 20-30 hours a week easily.
    If not, we’re investing as much time as possible into producing quality content.
    This place eats content like my cats eat Friskies…
    Despite common opinion, we don’t just get up in the morning and make something scandalous up.
    The last Bob Coy story was four months in the making…
    This week I’ve spent hours talking with two people who are writing books on subjects we’ve covered here…because they know we’ve got the facts and documentation others don’t.
    The blog has to be moderated and I’m the last man standing in that area.
    That means I’m electronically tethered to the place all day and part of the night.
    Linkathon is about three hours a week with EricL’s help.

    Finally, we spend a lot of time with our readers, answering their questions and counseling.
    Having said all that, I’m doing about half of what I used to do before all the health issues.

    It costs us a couple hundred a year to stay online.
    Our tech gear is a ten year old iMac and an iPhone 6. 🙂

    I’m not sure this morning what the next step is…

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