Oct 312014

IMG_0027I was in the middle of an early morning meltdown, Miss Kitty was sound asleep.

As is my habit, I was checking my email with my first cup of coffee.

Two polite, but curt, emails informing me that my services were not needed by two different companies had sent me spinning into loud despair.

Miss Kitty stretched, yawned, and strolled over to her dish.

Time for breakfast.

The chime my phone makes when I have a message sounded…I was overdrawn and could I make a deposit today to cover it?

No… no I can’t, I exploded at no one actually present.

Miss Kitty chirped to remind me that she was sitting by her dish and it was time for breakfast.

Stupid cat…don’t you know we are in a crisis here?

She just looked at me…perhaps I was in a crisis, but she was just waiting for breakfast.

Breakfast was coming, I would serve it, and there was no doubt in her mind that I would serve it as I have always served it.

She simply sat and waited, utterly unperturbed by the racket coming from me.

I pounded through the rest of my email, growing more and more agitated over the crisis that I already knew about and imagining worse ones coming.

She still sat by her dish, waiting.

Having deleted all the email I rose…and fed her.

She never had a whiskers width of doubt that I would.

She knows and trusts her master.

In her feline mind, I’ve always cared for her and I always will…even if she has to wait a while.

When I’m traveling she sits by her dish or in my chair…and waits.

She waits, not with fear, but with expectation.

I will come and I will provide.

She finished her breakfast and jumped up on my lap as if everything was going to be alright.

She has it good I thought…and left her to go to the post office to check for more bad news.

Inside my box was an envelope with a check…enough to make that deposit to cover.

How did Miss Kitty know?

Make your own application…

  10 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Michael,
    Eventually, and one day soon I hope, God is going to tell you: Now, Michael, cross the river and enter my rest. May God bless you.

  2. Awesome. Sermon Cat. God is good.

  3. Miss Kitty is so darned cute and such a good teacher!

  4. Michael,

    I am hoping to cross that river before you do, so slow down and just breathe. Thank you, Lord for giving Miss Kitty just the right disposition that Michael needs when things seems to back up on him.

    Thank you for sharing, Michael——this part of your morning and being real in the process of doing so.

  5. Thanks, folks.
    I haven’t hid the fact that things have been tough…but I don’t want to hide the fact that God has been faithful either.
    So much of what we read online is negative, combative, and fearful.
    My hope is that through being more transparent than I would like, others will find the hope to wait by whatever dish they need filled with expectancy and confidence that the Master cares.
    He does.

  6. Thanks for sharing yours & Miss Kitty’s heart. Praying for you. Chores & Calvins Corner next.

  7. Michael, just for the record, in #1 I was not alluding to the river that Pilgrim crossed at the end of Pilgrim’s Progress, but to the Jordan at the end of the Exodus.

  8. Happy Reformation Day!

    Reading the 95 theses today was very encouraging, but I honestly forgot how Catholic they are.

  9. Oh, the faithfulness of our God! He loves to delight His kids.

  10. Michael, my friend, how I do love your cat stories…and you!

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