Nov 282014

IMG_0027I thought I had almost drained the “cat/Christian” analogy well dry…until this morning.

As is her custom, Miss Kitty woke me early to feed her ,then she opened the door and went outside for her morning “constitutional”.

That’s what one of my childhood friends father called it when he disappeared into the bathroom every morning for an hour.

I’m not sure it’s a real word, but I always liked the sound of it.

I digress…

For Miss Kitty this means going to her preferred place in the yard, digging a hole, then securing the premises after her business is complete.

Then, she opens my door and bounds into my lap as I work at the computer, bathes ,and goes back to sleep.

The problem this morning is that it’s been raining all night and all morning.

The site of her morning constitutional is now a muddy cat sewer.

She is a wet, dirty, disgusting, mess.

She knows this somehow and just sat and stared at me for a moment in her shame.

She jumped in my lap anyway.

She’s not afraid to to show me the dirt.

In fact, her kneading and rubbing against me insures that I’ll be covered in it.

I was about to toss her on the floor when I realized I had both a revelation and an article for this morning.

Instead of dumping her off I took her in the bathroom, retrieved a towel, and helped her clean up and dry off.

She purred and chirped all through the process, finished her own bath, and went to sleep.

You’d never know she had ever been outside.

A good parent of pets or children is never afraid of the dirt…they just don’t want either to stay dirty.

If it keeps raining I suspect I’ll have to repeat the process again…and again.

My cat lives in a muddy world and I’m the keeper of the towels.

Love has lots of towels, the loved know who has them.

Make your own application…


  8 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. My 90 pound golden retriever and I take l o n g walks. He thinks a little quickie is 45 minutes, and feels kinda short changed. It rains almost every day in the summer in my part of Florida. My friends have umbrella, and I have a pancho. When we go out in the rain, the first order of business is to stand still. It takes as long to dry him off as it does to walk him, and he loves every second of it. I guess it’s cheaper than a gym membership, and I find the experience as therapeutic as he does.

    On another note, I’m following my twitter feed for black Friday brutality. On days like today, my prepper friends seem very sane.

  2. Sweet story Michael. I suspect I have an application with spiritual overtones as I daily ‘scoop the poop’ from the litter boxes….. Poop Custodian…leaving things all tidy, removing all evidence of ‘event’s. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

  3. I love my Cats, I never really been a Dog person

  4. Thank you, Paige and Jim…it’s good to write for people who get it…

  5. “cats have staff”. So true. My wife is more sensitive to our cat’s “right now” commands, and finds my attempts at teaching the thing patience and manners humorous.

    He must know that I pay the bills, as he hasn’t yet killed me in my sleep, but is content to lick my eyelids. I’m convinced that he’s an alien, and both the dog and I are afraid of him.

  6. I had a long diatribe, I appreciate what you said, thank you.

  7. My own cat story, this cat I live with was my mothers when she died. I had helped take care of her during her battle with cancer, as I did her daughter before her and her husband before them. Though he did not die of cancer he died of malpractice. That pretty much sums up my adult life, I know that is pathetic I should let the dead bury their dead and if I love my earthly family more than Jesus I am reprehensible. Trust me I get that one, in spades. But I could not leave them, and did not, I am sure I will pay an eternal price for that weakness. But this little black and white cat stayed true, she would sleep with my mom and keep her company, stay on her lap and pure and give comfort, in this small cocoon we call home. Now I am the only human left outside of a brother in the immediate family but this cat sands guard and offers comfort. She watches movies with me, sleeps in my bed next to me, comes when I need some comfort. She also bit my mom and clawed her and if I ever leave this place I will have to put the cat down because she has a history of biting. I know this is stupid and even disgusting but I could have bailed on the mobile home park before all this sales stuff but I did not know what to do with this cat that had been such a comfort to my mom. I know its disgusting emotionalism and rank heresy, but I chose to stay. Another of my many moral failings. Thats my cat story. I dont think no application can be made by it.

  8. A big hearted man you are.

    I loved this one. Speaks reams of words in a few sentences. How many times we all would throw in the towel had it not been for the understanding love of another coming to our rescue.

    And the willingness to do it over and over again if need be.

    O the limitless reach of God’s loving arms!

    To us a Savior is born a Son is given.

    And O how we need Him.

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