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IMG_0027I’d been gone all day and as I pulled up to the curb I could see Miss Kitty waiting in the driveway.

As I approached the house she loped toward it in front of me, eager to get in and glad I was home.

I assumed I’d forgotten to fill her dish and she was celebrating the arrival of her waiter/chef.

I retrieved a can of Fancy Feast and emptied it into the dish…dinner is served.

She just stared at it, then stared at me.

She was evidently not in the mood for Fancy Feast…

I grabbed a new dish and some fine Whiskas (with gravy) and presented it to her.

She stared at it, stared at me, and began to yowl.

I admonished her for her finicky ways, talked about starving kitties in Africa, and got yet another dish which I filled with a fine Friskees pate and set it before her.

Two blank stares and a yowl were my reward.

I plopped into my chair in exasperation and frustration.

“Stupid cat! What do you want?”!!!

She lept into my lap, and bumped heads with me, purring like a vintage Harley.

She curled up in a big ball of cat and was sound asleep by the time I figured it out.

It wasn’t about the food.

She wanted me.

She was waiting for me to come home so she could be with me.

She didn’t need any food, she needed my lap.

She appreciates the food, but she loves my presence.

Most of the time I measure my worth to my loved ones by what I can do for them.

Most of the time I measure God’s worth by what He can do for me.

Most of the time I measure my worth to God by what I think I’m doing for Him.

Most of the time I’m wrong about all these relationships.

What’s truly valuable to those who really love you is you.

The rest is all Whiskas with gravy…

Make your own application…

  17 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Good one Michael.
    Sounds like miss Kitty and my cat are a lot alike.

  2. Thank you, Francisco.
    Glad to have another cat guy on board. 🙂

  3. Sweet. You know I love this! Amen and amen…..

    Not wanting to be a killjoy, I must add that she may have wanted the warmth of your lap too. Hahahahha

    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.
    That’s the motto of this cat house.

  4. Paige,

    I leave the electric blanket on for her when I’m gone… 🙂

  5. Of course you do. 😀

    I have 3 sleeping stations for my 3 cats with ‘muffin’ cat beds and pet bed heaters underneath. Such a life. Honestly.

  6. Paige,

    That’s awesome!
    I hope Miss Kitty doesn’t read the blog while I’m out…she’ll feel slighted after reading about your set up. 🙂

  7. Michael, $25 at Bimart in the pet row. Score city.

  8. Paige,
    I bought her a bed once…and she indicated she already had one.
    I’m sure you know how that works… 🙂

  9. Hahahahah Indeed.

  10. Being owned by seven cats; I can truly say that this post you wrote was “inspired.”

    Each one of my cat owners has their own chosen moments to allow me to love on them.

    It is uncanny to me how they have set up some kind of an agreement between themselves to where only one of them at a time demands my love and affection.

    I am really happy about their agreement, it works well for me, I am able to be spread around evenly in their own perfect timing.

    Like yourself, I have quite a few brands and types of cat provisions on hand for the more finicky, which invariably gets rejected in favor of some petting and sweet talk from me.

    A really great post Michael!

  11. Uh, Davidsurferdude….. Plymouth Barred Rock IN THE HOUSE? hahahaha My chickens only come in the “house-pital” when sick or injured. You’ve out done me.
    Congratulations on being owned by 7 cats.

  12. Cats are your room mates never your pet.

  13. I got “Suzie” chicken as a gift from one of my best friends when she was less than a year old.

    She is a very sentient being. Early on in our chicken human relationship, Suzie made it very clear that she wants to hang with me on my leather chair.

    She is with me as I type this right now.


    Yes there is some clean up now and then.

    Suzie is in full charge of all my dogs and all of my cats.

    The real mind blower is that all of them play together in my back yard and get along perfectly well.

    It seems as if there is no species awareness in my home with these awesome creatures. They all act as if they are all the same kind.

    My wife and I have rescued most of them.

    Here is a site I found today:

  14. Sweet video, Davidsurfer51 (I am vintage 51 as well)….. what a cool ministry those people have….. The righteous man cares for his animals…proverbs 12:10….so much suffering happens in both the human and animal realm.

    I read through the Bible this year and the most disturbing part was all the animal sacrifices of the OT, (not to mention all the human killing as well)….. I had to ask God out loud, “what is it about killing animals and burning them up that is a ‘pleasing aroma’ to You?”
    Broke my heart. I, like most, am completely disconnected from the reality of killing to eat…. Thus, I am for the most part, a vegetarian…. sigh…. eggs and milks are given by a living animal…. I’ve learned that I cannot ‘rise Peter, kill and eat”….. 🙂

  15. Nice story Michael they always help me, thank you. I dont say that often sorry about that. Love what you do for folks here. My cat is an indoor cat and has a variety of places to stay. It has a turn on the heater so I can sit on the vent meow, an feed me meow and a I want to sit with you meow.

  16. Paige, I am a vegetarian as well and had to quit my reading of Leviticus with all the descriptions of the ritual animal slaughter. I too have wondered why God sanctioned the slaughter of innocent animals. 99 percent of animals are sentient beings.

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