Feb 102017

My cats are very different from each other, though they came from the same place.

The street.

Miss Kitty walks in her adoption…she thinks she’s a princess who has the entitlements of royalty.

She asks (tells) me when she’s hungry and expects to be fed.

She expects to be fed something she likes…she also makes it clear what she likes and does not like.

She expects me to note those choices.

She is not shy about asking…she will stand directly on my head as I sleep to let me know it’s time for breakfast.

If it is raining outside she will walk in the house, stop at my chair and get my attention, then walk into the bathroom to be toweled off.

She expects me to follow her promptly and complete the task at hand.

She usually informs me about 9:00 PM that it’s bedtime…she prefers the lights and the computer off then, thank you.

At times, she also wants displays of affection…she tells me when, how, and for how long she should be petted.

She is bold and unafraid to make her requests known to me and she has every expectation that they will be answered.

Because I love her, they usually are.

Chester has different expectations.

He cries a lot.

He does not yet believe he’s been truly adopted.

He cries because even though he eats enough for ten cats, he’s not sure I will keep feeding him.

Affection makes him nervous…he loves it until his fear kicks in…the fear that if he lets his guard down something bad will happen.

He’s trusted others before…it didn’t work out well.

He very much wants to act like Miss Kitty and have what she has, but fear rules him.

He just knows that if he was as bold as her he would end up in the street again…so he settles for whatever he gets.

Most of us act like Chester with God.

He wants us to act like Miss Kitty.

Be bold and expect goodness.

You’re royalty.

You’re loved.

I have to go…she wants the chair…

Make your own application…


  11 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Awesome. Shared…. I am about 95% like Chester…. I want to think I am ‘safe and secure from all alarm”…and I AM ‘leaning on the Everlasting Arms”, but my Life PTSD interrupts my thoughts often…too often.
    Thank you. This is beautiful..

  2. Great analogies! Yes, I’m Chester… thank you for the reminder that Miss Kitty’s life awaits…

  3. FWIW – i mentioned the other day that i can, with a little editing, hear God in the popular song: “All I Ask of You”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e3-4V-LtLo (if you should link, ignore the screen display – Placido Domingo is not God :smile:) for me, at least, it’s not sacrilegious as i believe sometimes the longings that we ascribe to the natural are, in reality, longings that only God can answer and, yet we can’t seem to quite bring Him fully into the reality of our daily challenges… we know He knows, but we can’t quite see how close He is
    i think most of us are more like Chester, but don’t forget how kind and loving our Lord was with Thomas… John 20:25-27…

    with apologies to Michael – i do get and appreciate the point made in today’s TGIF, but…
    i don’t think that i have had the privilege of knowing a Miss Kitty Christian – this side of heaven, at least

  4. To pick up on Em’s comment @3;
    Its funny – I no longer buy into the label – Christian Music. Actually, this is a prideful description by prideful men / women.

    There are only 2 types of music
    1.) That which honors God and his creation
    2.) That which honors man.

    #1 can and is often sung by ‘non religious’ people who do not even mention God or Jesus.

  5. Well done Michael.

  6. to comment on MLD’s #4… 🙂
    so much of what speaks to a man’s (generic) soul stems from that thing called the God void – how many people say that their church is up on a mountain or a golf course, even…
    even our mates and our families, which we do and should love are shadows of how we can or could relate to our Creator… IMNSHO

    you can almost judge Christian music by its pronouns LOL

  7. This was hilarious! Cats are a a trip My cat is like Miss Kitty. He actually attacks me and bites me while I’m sleeping, to get me to get up and feed him! And yes, he walks on my head too. My husband is always drawing analogies between his Golden Retriever and God. He actually uses them in his sermons. And he is NOT irreverent.

    But back to the point of this thread; yes, we need to let the truth of scripture inform us, transform us, renew our thinking instead of our emotions bullying us.

  8. “Affection makes him nervous…he loves it until his fear kicks in…the fear that if he lets his guard down something bad will happen.

    He’s trusted others before…it didn’t work out well.”

    Insightful. Nice, Michael.

  9. I am like chester….except when i pray for others then i can sometimes be like miss kitty

  10. Still praying for your health big brother

  11. I always relate to Chester. In particular his digestive issues. 😉 This is great. Thank you.

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