Nov 102017

I just got out of bed after another night of little sleep.

Part of that is physical problems, some of it mental stress, but most of it is Chester.

As has been noted previously here, Chester wants to go outside.

Chester wants to do so as much as he wants to breathe.

Especially at night…

To facilitate his desire, he cries.

He howls.

He occasionally gets on my bed and screams in my face.

When he’s not doing those things, he’s looking for secret exits.

Perhaps there’s one behind the TV.

He pushes the TV on the floor to find out.

Perhaps there’s an opening behind the bookcases.

This necessitates pushing all the books, pictures, and knick knacks on the floor for a better view.

Maybe behind the headboard…which is also full of books.

Those fall on my head.

Could be in the bathroom…where I found all my toiletries in the toilet this morning.

Failing to find an opening, he resumes ripping up the carpet to tunnel under the door.

This happens every night, all night, except for the three or four hours he sleeps.

This morning, about 3:30 AM I informed him that I was getting rid of him as soon as I was awake enough to drive.

Enough is enough.

He’s out of here.

Except he isn’t.

While I will keep looking for solutions, I’ll never get rid of him.

I chose him, I adopted him, and for better or (God forbid) even worse, he’s my cat.

He’s also a living picture of my relationship with God.

I am Chester.

About the only time I’m not sinning is when I’m asleep.

I’m always looking for an out to escape some holy precept when I’m awake.

I’ve been known to leave a trail of carnage where ever I go.

I don’t think I’m worth the sacrifice or trouble, but He does.

He has chosen me, adopted me, and I’m His kid.

He will never leave or forsake me.

My name is written in the palm of His hand.

All of this applies to you.

Chester too…

It’s not about your performance, it’s about your relationship…

Chester just laid down…I’m grabbing a nap while I can…

Make your own application…


  3 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Chester can be glad that he isn’t granny Em’s cat or he’d spend the night in a cat carrier sedated and locked in the bathroom! 🙂
    praying … God give Michael and Chester both some rest… and, yes, God does have far more patience than I do … for which I, too, am humbly grateful

  2. Hahhahah Granny Em….yep… same ‘cruelty’ here at Gramma Paige’s…. behave or be gone. … of course I am the one who has spent thousands and thousands of hard earned dollars on a few cats who couldn’t care less… and one who bites us and pees on our stuff….and he’s still here. I’ve grown soft, for an old hard ass. lol

    Chester is all of us…. and God is good…. soaking in the Grace of Romans 11 this morning.

  3. I never get tired of hearing this. Thank you. Chester is all of us, indeed.

    I hope you are able to get a good nights rest soon.

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