Nov 172017

Chester just jumped into my lap…and slid off the other side of the chair onto the floor.

He did extend his claws into my leg to slow his descent, however

Chester does not know how to be a lap cat.


Chester doesn’t know much about a lot of things and knows too much about some other things.

He knows that life is hard and a cat does what a cat must do to survive.

A cat may have to kill, both prey and competitors for prey.

A cat must never trust, because trust leads to confinement or abuse.

Love is a lie that is used to snare him, the worst trap of them all.

He knows these things because that’s what life (and humans) taught him before I coaxed him out of my bushes.

He doesn’t know how to purr, but he tries sometimes.

Chester has never kneaded and weaved as most cats do to comfort themselves…he knows little about comfort at all.

He is a glutton…food was scarce once and he eats his food, Missy’s food, my food (if he can reach it) and then screams for more food when he’s done.

He screams a lot.

He’s attacked Miss Kitty, for no reason except proximity.

He knows that life has changed…but he can’t fully shake his past.

He tries.

He likes being petted a bit…just a bit.

Being comfortable makes him nervous.

He’ll lay at my feet like a dog and walk right next to me as a dog would also.

If he thinks he can do so without Miss Kitty noticing, he’ll sleep right next to me…with the queen of the house snoozing on my other side.

He wants to love and be loved, but his fears and his scars keep him from fully having what he desires.

For another cat owner,he wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

He’s so much like me, I couldn’t possibly give him away.

Every once in a while I have to be reminded that God feels the same way about me that I do about Chet.

God loves me and is sometimes the only one who thinks I’m worth the trouble.

He will keep me…even if I never get better.

He feels the same way about you.

He gave me Chester to remind me…and you.

You’re worth it…even if it seems like He’s the only one who sees it.

He will never leave or forsake you.

Don’t even think about petting me…

Make your own application…

  7 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Awesome. The Gospel According to Chester.
    Such challenges we are…
    Astonishingly loved and redeemed…

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Paige!

  3. okay, this TGIF got me almost to tears … no pats, but do you accept hugs?

    we don’t realize (or actualize, maybe) how many folks are around us that are fenced in by what they’ve experienced in life… trust God, indeed – He really does know – maybe more than we wish He did, but grace is His most amazing attribute – the Bible says He’s longsuffering 🙂

  4. “okay, this TGIF got me almost to tears”

    Me too Em.

  5. “Lew Phelps also known as “Paul the Apostle””

    Lord, have mercy.

  6. Crud, my phone jumped threads. Sorry.

  7. Very good Michael. I think I’m gonna have to try to pet you though! 😉 “Here Michael, Michael” 😉 HAHAHA

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