Dec 152017

There are days when I hate Chester.

This is one of those days.

Not only has the wild glutton kept me up most of the night again, he has a new habit.

He drags things into the cat box and befouls them…after knocking them onto the floor in the first place.

A couple of days ago,it was one of my slippers.

Yesterday, it was both of my Minnesota Viking slippers.


This morning, it was a framed picture of me that he then “photoshopped”.

I’m beginning to get the hint…

After his constitutional, he then kicks sand out of the box until my carpet looks like a beach party was held while I got my two hours of sleep.

Miss Kitty, on the other hand, is perfect in every way.

She is quiet, clean, and sweet.

She is my fur angel and a wonderful companion in every way.

She even tolerates Chester’s buffoonery…most of the time.

I always love my Missy.

To Chester’s credit there are times when he tries to be a good cat, but his nature is badly fallen.

I would get rid of him, but he reminds me of me.

He makes me wonder if God compares His kids to one another and shakes His head when He looks at me.

Some of His kids seem to have it together and they act like they’re supposed to.

I don’t.

My life looks like I dragged it through the cat box.

My nature is badly fallen.

There are days when I wonder if He hates me.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve got one foot in heaven and the rest of me is sliding south.

Some of you feel just like me.

The good news is that feelings lie.

We’re “in Christ” and when the Father sees us He sees Jesus.

He’s completely pleased with Jesus…and us… because of Him.

He’s not comparing us with anybody, because we’ve been saved by an incomparable Savior.

We’re on the same heavenly ground as the good kids.

We just have sand on our shoes…or paws.

That’s good news for me…and you…and Chester.

Time to clean his cat box…I’m missing some socks.

Make your own application…

  12 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. you’ve done it again… great parallels to our fallen nature and our relationship with God
    but… 🙂

    Chester reminds me more of that person who blames God for everything, thinks that a loving God would never do such things as allow diseases and restrictions etc… refuses to acknowledge that God, the creator and sustainer of the whole universe, loved him enough to die to pay his sin debt. The person who is going to try to justify himself on judgment day because “i did the best i could, God… but You, God? not so much”
    and God will grieve and there’s the difference…

    my nemesis, my late husband’s 19 year old cat is dying… the cat who pushed a heavy carton of family heirloom china off of the garage shelf, smashing it to bits, the cat who completely destroyed a nice chair that i’d promised to my grandson, the cat, who i can hardly stand to live with, is now dying and i feel badly for the cat…
    and my cat loving daughter will grieve terribly, but i won’t grieve, well maybe a bit, but not much… i am not much like God, i guess

  2. Thank you, Em. 🙂

    Chester is just slow in sanctification…like me.

  3. The Vikings slippers…noooo.

  4. Well, Michael, MLD would tell you (I think) that it doesn’t matter as we are all no d*** good. – just trying to follow the rules until our glorification … at least I think that’s what
    he’d say… dunno 😕
    Me, however, I think you are processing – definitely an overcomer… as are we all 😇

  5. Ahahahahha Awesome. The Litterbox Diaries…. gotta love Chester….

    He’s getting desperate…. you might look into a Chinese remedy called Free and Easy Wanderer…. it’s a calming tonic….tho not easy to give. (I am trying it on Rocky… crushing a quarter pill, since he’s only 9lbs..Chester could tolerate a half or more)… check it out…

    love ya. Love the Gospel According to Chester….

  6. Paige,

    I was thinking of pot infused cat food, but I’ll try that first… 🙂

  7. Em, I think we are damn good … in Christ. But just don’t try telling God “I did my best and I hope you make up the rest”. One way ticket to hell with that one.

  8. I’m glad feelings lie…..thanks again Michael for another great article that reminds us that we are loved.

  9. MLD… #7 … in Christ indeed…. I do tell God things, however… might as well as He already knows… I call it confession… 😉
    Now on judgement day? Well, too late then to backpeddle

    “Secure in Christ, my risen Lord
    Secure in Christ, for by His Word
    Before I was, He ransomed me
    And saved me there in Calvary
    …… “

  10. Chester’s not an indoor only cat right? I think I remember stories with your cats being outside. Don’t want to offend anyone with indoor cats but every cat I’ve ever known that was indoor-only was “a bit off”. Chester’s a cute cat, but I ain’t gonna lie: Looking at that picture, it looks like he’s plotting what to do to you next. lol Joking aside, I’ll be praying for Chester because it’s no good if he’s keeping you up and affecting your health etc.

  11. Michael…. the pot might work. hahahha Stoner kitty…
    Actually, there is a cool product from Canna-Pet of feline CBD, no thc in it… we are giving those capsules to our kitty Bella who is recovering from cancer surgery.

    The Free and Easy Wanderer is a readily available inexpensive Chinese herbal… the tablets are pretty big and dry. I have a pill crusher, so I quarter, then crush the pill, mix a tiny amount of plain yogurt into it and draw it up into a syringe and give it to my monster Rocky.. It does help… but it’s annoying to have to give him a ‘med’ twice a day.

  12. Our old cat loves vanilla ice cream, could the pill be crushed and hidden in a dollop?

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