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I had occasion the other day to write a short devotional about “the woman with an issue of blood”.

We all know the story…a woman whose illness made her an outcast presses through a crowd to try to get to Jesus.

She stumbles through the crowd and manages to just touch the hem of His garment and is healed.

I didn’t really have any new insights into this story…until after my devotional was finished.

My thoughts turned to how in the years after her healing she may have recounted this tale of perseverance to her friends and family.

She recounted the years of sickness and how she determined to find the Savior no matter what.

She talked about pressing through that crowd and how with her last bit of strength she lunged and barely touched His robe.


When Jesus told the story to the angelic host it was about how He knew this woman was coming and slowed down just enough to let her catch Him…

This, of course, is speculation on my part.

While I’m speculating…

I wonder if there was someone in crowd as desperate as our famous woman with the famous gynecological problems.

Someone with diabetes or cancer or any of the other untreatable illnesses of the day.

Someone who, despite their best efforts, couldn’t make it to even the bottom of His robe.

Someone who was left in their affliction while watching someone get healed just a ways in front of them.

What about them?

The Scriptures are painfully silent.

How many of us have seen the provision of God from afar, yet seemingly too far for us to reach?

The answer, (if there is an answer to be had), is in the story of the importunate man who knocked on his neighbors door until he answered and helped him.

I think that’s what the woman with the issue of blood (I wish she had a proper name) did.

She asked, sought, and knocked, until the door flew open on a dusty, crowded street.

We have to do likewise.

He may slow down just enough for us to grab some linen of our own…

Make your own application…


  10 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. This is very good!

  2. Thank you, Jean.

  3. Somebody wrote a strange song, “Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you…” It wasn’t God 😯
    But, truth be told, God could have… I believe there may be a myriad of reasons why our suplications don’ t bring us our hoped for answers (won’t list them), but never, ever think that God, our triune God, isn’t watching… Maybe, sometimes, He is the One Who is waiting? Sometimes…
    Still I believe our persistent prayer is a good thing, even if all we can say is, “God I’m so tired of praying to You…” Been there. 😦
    …so it seems to me…. Dunno

  4. I have had similar thoughts with the pool at Bethesda in John 5 where a multitude of those who were sick, blind, lame, and withered did not receive healing – but one who was ill for 38 years was healed.

    Honestly, it helps me personally cope with those who are not healed in my life.

  5. I have always used the John 5 story that Shaun speaks of – but I more like this. Perhaps Jesus stepped over a dozen sick people to get to the guy he healed and then leaving, stepped over another dozen people on his way out with no good word other than perhaps “excuse me.”
    How about that?

  6. I wrote those exact words here about 10 years ago…they didn’t go over well…

  7. Maybe Jesus stepped over the other hopefuls because not a one of them would have said, “Oh, i can wait, Lord. Help that guy over there, he been trying to get to the water for 38 years?” Mebbe not – dunno. 😳

  8. I think Jesus was hitting his marks – “because it was written” and “so that it may be fulfilled” etc

  9. I have no right to comment or speculate on this because I have little to no experience with physical suffering. But I will try anyway…

    I wonder how many physical ailments this woman experienced after this encounter that weren’t healed? How did she handle that?

    The only thing I can sermise is that whatever is on “the other side” will erase the memory of pain and suffering. Kind of like how a mother feels after giving birth to her child…

  10. This passage (and the other passage referenced about Jesus at the pool of Siloam) is tremendously difficult to parse because we want to find a formula and make this a normative experience for all Christians.

    If we can just figure out how to “touch the hem of his garment” today our afflictions will be healed as well.

    You’ll hear those formulae in Word of Faith and NAR circles.

    Truth be told, most people don’t get healed and we all will die.

    Sometimes, people do get healed.

    There is no formula, no rhyme or reason and the prayer of faith doesn’t always work.

    I no longer try to speculate on the whys…it’s fraught with great spiritual danger to do so.

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