Jun 252013

20130423_160704_zpse26726e0 We ran this article a week or so ago about a mission to Mexico and the needs there.

We asked for your support if the Lord led you to do so.

I just got this report;

“You may have seen we are back in the villages. Please tell your people thank so very much for their generous support. The money that they sent was used to buy valuable medicines for the medical clinic we are doing this week. Our doctor was ecstatic that he had $500 more to buy medicines with. There was already one case in which those funds helped two kids with a certain disease that required an otherwise expensive anti-biotic that we would have not been able to bring had we not had that additional money. 

I thought I should send this to you while we were still here so they can join us in prayer for the remainder of the week. I’m also pleased to say that God has blessed them with an unusual amount of rain this past week. This will help their crops get a good start. I am convinced God is blessing these people by a move of His Spirit, as I spent some time with other ministry leaders this morning talking and praying and hearing what He is doing in their ministries as well. It is very pleasing to hear these things.

Thank you my brother for extending this ministry to the blog and to all of them who are praying and giving according to what they purpose in their hearts.”

Folks, my heart is full of gratitude and love to all of you who have prayed and given to this work.

We made a little dent in hell together and some kids are being loved and cared for because of you.

God bless you…big time.





Make sure you leave your name and address in the message box to receive a reciept a the end of the year.

  14 Responses to “Thank You From Mexico…and Me”

  1. This beats talking about alcohol any day! 🙂

  2. Awesome. Truly awesome. Continuing to pray.

  3. This made me happier than almost anything we’ve done here.
    I’m simply overjoyed that we were able to help.

  4. I’m so happy to read about this! Wonderful!

  5. Helping the poor, giving a drink of clean water to a thirsty soul, healing the sick….well, we certainly can all agree on this!! Glory!!

  6. Great news! Beautiful kids! Glory to God!

  7. But what about Israel?? j/k 🙂

  8. Glad for the update. My heart rejoices!

  9. We have a team in Mexico right now. San Carlos, Guaymas

  10. Praising

  11. All polemics aside, that is some good stuff.

  12. Awesome!

  13. How cool is this!!!

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