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  15 Responses to “The Gospel: N.T. Wright”

  1. Ah thank you Michael.

  2. Great stuff. I’m going to listen to this one a few more times. I like that Wright points out the complimentary relationship between Paul and Four Gospels, and that Paul’s writing is a continuence of the kingdom theme.

  3. I thought it was great stuff as well…but we don’t have a lot of company. 🙂

  4. It’s more fun to contend. Blessed are the peacemakers………..

  5. I remember first coming to PXP years ago and Michael telling me he wouldn’t read any author who hadn’t been dead for at least 150 years – my how times have changed. As I recall I told him I would take his advice and check the blog again 200 years from now. I guess we both have softened on our positions…

  6. NT Wright looks so much like a guy that I work with, it is hard for me to watch a video of him speak.


    That being said, I do like this video. Watched it on Dread’s facebook the other day.

  7. This is such good teaching. Thank you!

  8. His emphasis is on a new world and not on a new person.

    Old reformed/Calvinism = personal salvation – coming apostasy – return of Jesus
    New reformed/Calvinism = personal salvation – kingdom building – return of Jesus
    Neo reformed/Calvinism = kingdom building – personal/communal salvation – return of Jesus
    N T wright uses the New Perspective of Paul to emphasize the latter.

    Seems like changing the gospel and not trying to understand it in a different use of words because the culture is changing.

  9. Q,

    How much of Wright have you read?
    I think this is the Gospel…a bigger Gospel than many of us were taught, but the Gospel none the less.

  10. How did it get bigger? Is something being added?

  11. Or has it been truncated and is finally being discovered?

  12. A good intro to Tom Wright for those who are not familiar with him.

    70 AD…

  13. “A good intro to Tom Wright for those who are not familiar with him”

    A good Intro to be familiar of how some (like Tom Wright) want to change the gospel by adding to it.

  14. Tom made it plain.

  15. Tom convoluted it to change it.

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