Jun 282017

Well, we’re three days in and still no one has prayed for Chuck’s widow, his children, his grandchildren, his postman, his favorite clerk at Safeway, or the families pets, if any.

Mike Macintosh undoubtedly has the vapors…

Despite this bone of contention and the failure to place a statue of the founder at the entrance to be touched by the assembly before worship, the Calvary Global Network conference seems to be doing well any way.

The numbers are down, but that was to be expected in light of the split with the Calvary Chapel Association and the uncertainty that many in the fractured “movement” still have about the ongoing rift.

Some missionaries are still afraid to appear to be taking a side as they receive support from both entities.

The fact that Greg Laurie has built a bridge to the SBC and walked over it has opened the possibility to both sides of that “dual affiliation” as well.

Others object to “outsiders” speaking at the conference, especially from Reformed influences.

Having said all that,there is a vibrancy to this conference that hasn’t been seen before.

The ones attending are younger and more open to different ideas and different associations.

There was even a theology panel where they actually discussed theology that wasn’t about drinking, cussing, or women preachers…they discussed current theological issues.

There are still battles ahead, but the CGN may have accomplished addition through blessed subtraction…

  24 Responses to “The Next Chapter For Calvary Chapel”

  1. Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13b

  2. Good for CCCM & those who want to create a better future!

  3. Conflict and change; there is no avoiding these. The way forward is through it.

  4. “…Addition by cancer willingly leaving,” is more like it. 😀

  5. I pray for good things for BB and CC. I would love to see the trend of younger minds and hearts joining and leading.

  6. The key is not younger minds and hearts. That was the same narrative 40-45 years ago, and look where we are today.

    Hopefully, more of these guys will become better educated as to provide themselves and others with more categories to think in and broaden the horizons of their ability to understand and discern.

  7. Being better educated and thinking outside the typical CC box is what younger minds will bring to the show. It’s refreshing to hear reports that there are many fitting this description in attendance.

    40 to 45 years ago it was still Chuck worship. I don’t believe this is the case with the up and coming.

  8. And having 4 phd’s on the panel discussion is an amazing leap forward.

  9. The panel was the best panel ever at the SPC. Real theologians, imagine that. It was brilliant.

  10. Who were the four drips-under-pressure on the SPC panel?

  11. What are you talking about…”drips under pressure”?

  12. Something my Dad calls ex-spurts – just being silly, no offense O:-) was wondering who the PHD’s were. Not being anti intellectual

  13. experts… hmmm… the real sign of maturity (and character), in my book, is to discern who really is one and to show them the respect due – it is true that not all PHDs deserve respect, but the ones that really earned their title are worth respect and, maybe worth hearing, too

  14. I would simply reming folks that there are few things I respect and believe are needful more than educated clergy.
    I don’t do “cemetery” jokes and I do enjoy banning those who do.

  15. My major was psychology and I’m working on a Master’s in Special Ed. If anyone deserves the “drip” title it’s me. So, again, no offense and apologies.

  16. Descended, one of my daughters is a teacher in public schools and Special Ed teachers are incredible – their challenge goes beyond just being a good teacher

  17. Thanks em 🙂

  18. Wow, It’s so encouraging to hear many of you say the same things I’ve thought for years about Calvary. The need for theological training and education amongst Calvary Pastors and for real pertinent theological issues to be discussed at conferences. Those are just a few, but I’m glad Brian is steering things in this direction. I too wish him and the future of CC the very best. I loved that they are hearing other voices speak outside the CC circle. Very healthy and way overdue. God is too big to put in our little denominational box.

  19. God’s providence at work. It all tends to go the direction God intends it to go despite all the drama.

    Happy to hear good things about CGN’s conference. CGN and CCA are still brothers, just different personalities and different emphases and different styles. Both love and serve the same Jesus.

    It was good seeing Ryan Ries interviewed by Brodersen on CGN’s site. The two Groups can complement each other and I’m sure they’ll find ways to collaborate.

  20. “Mike Macintosh undoubtedly has the vapors…”

    LOL! Mike’s a good dude. But, so are you. I’ll blow your cover and tell him what a great guy you are. Your criticism of Mike isn’t “evil” and Mike’s perception he expressed at CCA wasn’t “evil” either, just polemic. But, it’s fair to critique him as he critiques others.

  21. This isn’t the Calvary Chapel that I joined up with. I certainly understand the need for pastors being better educated, but if education is going to be emphasized over the need of the Holy Spirit, this is something quite different. The changes I hoped for were 1.) Greater cooperation in leadership 2.) Some level of oversight
    I still feel like a child without a home as I feel a need for some of the voices within the cca camp and have associations there, but also appreciate some elements of the more “fashion forward” cgn and have many associations within that group. Locally, the leadership is clearly in the cgn camp, and has been even before it formed, so guys like me feel stuck with that direction. This is just one guys perspective.

  22. Interesting comments regarding education; if a masters or doctorate is from a quality program, in whatever field, it means that the candidate has been questioned. My experience with ministry staff that have great zeal but little formal education is that they do not respond to questioning well.

    Questioning ourselves (a constant process of evaluation) should be ongoing–I have been asked by others in my current profession why I listen to those critical of me. My response is always–sometimes those doing the criticizing are right. Listening only to those who reinforce your personal and ministry worldview can be a deadly flaw–a pilot who is only self-referential will soon greet a mountainside or the ground in an unfriendly manner.

    I would agree with Jim J, above, that the choice of someone educated or someone filled with and sensitive to the Holy Spirit is an easy choice. I have, unfortunately, seen those without education sometimes express what they think is God leading them in ways that it is pretty obvious from its fruit–is not.

    The personal grace of being challenged by other views, of learning to listen, the humility that comes from losing a few esoteric theological arguments–I trust ministry leaders with this experience more.

    Ultimately, does what they are doing look and sound like Jesus?

  23. Is their nature to serve? or rule? If the latter, run away fast…

  24. Education vs Holy Spirit = false dichotomy

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