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KeyLife-SteveBrown“God’s ways really aren’t our ways. We talk about authority, and Jesus talks about serving. We want to have political power so that we can make things right; he makes us of no account that we might see him make things right. We want to be strong that we can help, and he makes us weak that we might be powerful. We take pride in our accomplishments that we might praise him with our efforts; he allows major failure that people might see him. We bask in our purity that we might bear witness to his dominion; he allows us to sin and shows us the sin that we might bear witness to his grace. We really do think that helplessness is a liability. It may be if you are a soldier, a policeman, or a teacher, but in spiritual matters just the opposite is true.

When you read the Gospels, you find that Jesus never refused help to the helpless, that he never refused forgiveness to the sinners, that he never turned away from the unfit. The people Jesus didn’t seem to care about–no, the people who really “ticked” him off–were the secure, the strong, the pure, and the self-righteous.

God is in the business of taking nobodies and using them in powerful and supernatural ways. So, if you are in a hopeless situation or you are praying for someone in a hopeless situation, is that bad? No, that’s good. It’s God’s opportunity. It is rarely in the hands of a religious media giant or a well-known saint that God performs miracles. It usually happens through the prayers of a child…or something quite like one. Then it is truly a sign and a wonder.”

Steve Brown

  17 Responses to “The Power Of Weakness”

  1. FIRST! Dr. Brown nails it again! Thank you, Michael!

  2. Just passing on the blessing, CK. 🙂

  3. Amen. I read this article yesterday after you posted another Steve Brown link…. SO GOOD. So refreshing. So freeing…..which all leads to PRAISE and thanksgiving to God…. rather than the burden of trying to figure out how horrible I am and how much I’ve failed and what the heck I can possibly do to not be such a liability. Thanks for posting more Steve Brown!

  4. Paige,

    I think I’m going to do so more often.
    He, as much as anyone, has been my teacher and he has profoundly influenced everything I think.
    He builds up…and I think that building up is what we need more than anything.

  5. I am finding that as well about Steve Brown. I sent for the article on prayer in printed form and will likely end up ordering many more copies to share (I admit it. I love paper)…. I think I’ve beat myself up (and been beaten up) long enough. 🙂 Thank God for voices of hope.

  6. Paige,

    I’ve spent a lot of time the last week with people who have been beaten up by the church…and realize again how much we need these voices of hope.
    I’m going to be more intentional about bringing them forward.

  7. Thank you. I think that there is so much ‘beating’ going on in life, work and sadly, in church. The church abuse extracts a nagging and crippling toll. Jesus isn’t like that…… As apples of gold in settings of silver is a timely word in season. Beautiful. Valuable.

  8. A simple thank you, Michael.

  9. Love reading Steve Brown and the dialogue between Paige and Michael…all rich and rewarding…Thanks…

  10. That man has snatched many brands from the burning and refused to break many bruised reeds. I am one.

  11. BD,

    As am I…

  12. I know you all have heard this before and I sound like a broken even pathetic record, I agree. But there are two sins I try to repent of, daily, first not having the economic resources to have truly helped those I love. I gave what I had, which as pretty much all of it, but it was not enough, and second showing weakness in the spiritual community. I know I drone on and on late at night, well not really, I post maybe two or three times a week if that. I hope I have not come off to strong, I apologize most of it is not worthy of the hearers on this and the other blog. That is another sin I will have to answer for. I dont have any answers, in fact I have more questions then when I first came here, another sin on my soul.

    I have been and still am inconsistent, mixed up, angry, ignorant, arrogant, lost, emotional, hurtful, spiteful, ignorant, a rebel with out a clue, and so on. My late night blabberings are usually silly. What I have tried to be was honest at the moment and given my very blurred vision. For what very little it is / I am worth I apologize and that is not a feigned hope for self pity, I dont want it. You know all I ever wanted all these years is peace with God, from what I have come to understand that is a unreasonable expectation I accept that, but it is still a hope.

  13. Brian,

    I love the Pauline letters…because the greeting is always something like “grace and peace to you from the Lord Jesus Christ”.
    He greets you, my friend this very evening and He comes in grace and at peace with you.
    We all love you.

  14. Hi Michael thanks I love you folks to, I also love those at the other blog as far as one can love online I think you get my meaning. At times I think I played both sides against the middle but you two souls Alex and you have been my strength. For any hurt feelings on either side I may have caused I apologized to all involved.

  15. Brian,
    I have no problem at all with you posting anywhere you choose to.
    You’re always welcome here and there has never been an issue between us.

  16. Reading and listening to Steve Brown is always a blessing.A humble voice of reason and sanitiy .

  17. Thanks Michael I sometimes think I have a tendency to be two faced about things and it has bugged me for a long time, I have been examining my behavior and heart in this matter and I do think it is a tendency I can exhibit in the emotion of the moment.

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