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imagesOn his Facebook page, “Pastor” Saeed Abedini says that a woman could not be elected President because that would be giving her “headship”.

He does allow that a woman can be in “leadership”.

He has not yet explained the difference in any coherent way.

Coherence is not his strong suit.

He is still being held up by Charisma ragazine and other Christian “news” outlets…in Charisma, he says he’s not endorsing a candidate.

On Facebook, he comes out loudly for Trump.

He also says that he has been in a constant battle with the “spirit of Jezebel” since coming home.

Of course he has…

Of course, Saeed claims that everything he says is biblical.

Therefore, you should be one of 200 people who will commit to twenty dollars a month to support him… after two weeks, he’s only 180 people short.

Evidently, the Franklin Graham gravy train has had the wheels come off…

Before you commit to giving Saeed twenty bucks a month…perhaps he should answer how he’s still in the ministry when he’s absolutely disqualified biblically from the pulpit.

Ask him how a woman is unqualified to be president, but a man with an unbiblical divorce and an arrest record is qualified for ministry.

Ask him how a man that refuses to answer for his past or present sin to the Body of Christ is fit for ministry.

Ask him…better yet, ignore him.

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  1. Tell Saeed that when Jezebel runs into a real prophet she will no longer be a problem.

  2. BD,

    Good point. 🙂

    I wonder why these guys never speak of the “spirit of Ahab”….

  3. Michael,

    Is “spirit of Jezebel” a term Saeed coined or is that a common term in evangelical circles? Could you explain it to me? (p.s. I am quite familiar with the Jezebel of the OT)

  4. Jean,

    It’s unfortunately quite common in charismatic circles…usually invoked when a pastor doesn’t like a woman in the congregation…

  5. I’ve heard it in charismatic churches.

  6. Basically, it says that someone is acting out the personality attributes of the biblical Jezebel…it’s a quick way to shut females up in those circles.

  7. I’m glad I asked because I was thinking idolatry, false gods, maybe demonic attack, but actually he is using Jezebel as a simple insult of a woman(en). He’s even more shallow than I gave him credit for. That doesn’t seem like a very Christian way for a pastor to speak about sisters in Christ. Is Saeed still a pastor?

  8. Jean,

    In some charismatic circles there’s a “spirit” to blame for everything from gluttony to sexual sin.

    Saeed himself is afflicted with the “spirit of asshattery”… exorcism is needed.

  9. Charisma Mag news site has an endless list of articles on Jezebel. (Obviously one of their editors has a morbid fascination with the subject.) It frankly comes across as nothing but pure superstition to me.

  10. Saeed is a pastor… he spent the money and they sent him a paper.
    He has no congregation and is accountable to no one…but he’s a pastor.

    That’s why I prefer to be called “Bishop” Michael from now on…

  11. Michael beat me to it.

  12. “That’s why I prefer to be called “Bishop” Michael from now on”

    Let’s see…B.M.

    That has a certain ring to it. 🙂

  13. Rob,

    I agree…it’s pure nonsense.

  14. Jean,

    I’ve tried and failed to get the title for years…it has a better ring than “apostle”…

  15. I have secretly wondered if so much of the vitriol against the female candidate coming from certain corners has more to do with the fact that she’s a woman than anything else.

    (I realize she does not have a stellar character.)

  16. My church agrees with the B.M. part… 🙂

  17. Xenia,

    I have no doubt…and I’ll say it out loud.
    I don’t think it would matter to some if her character was akin to the Virgin Mary…

  18. I didn’t realize this Jezebel accusation was common among certain people. That explains why, when I was mildly complaining about a certain person in my life who is a very decent woman, the person I was talking to began babbling about the spirit of Jezebel and how I needed to do some rebuking. I had no idea this was common. Good grief.

  19. Excellent.

    Top grade Michael Newnham concise and accurate taking-the-blog-woodshed.

    The Truth is like a sword. Well done. #DontPaySaeed

  20. taking-TO-the-blog-woodshed

  21. i think (yes, sometimes i do that) Saeed is far more Imam than pastor…
    is that to his discredit? is he not teachable? … or is it to the discredit of his mentors – those who are tasked with bringing him along in Christ? … is he wrong? yes … but is he just ignorant of the gap between the O.T. upon which his muslim roots draw and the N.T. gospel of Faith and grace? or is he an unteachable fraud, pure and simple?… i think i don’t know what to think…
    but he ain’t gettin’ none of my money… send those twenty bucks to Michael 🙂

  22. “an unteachable fraud, pure and simple?…”


  23. Ah the “spirit of Jezebel” … yes it is as common as accusing some wag of gossip every time they complain in Bible churches. It is about as effective too.

    Basically when you accuse people they react to you as if you are the devil … so it escalates.

    At my church when someone brings it up I tell them to stuff it back in. I always say just go pick a fight. Any fight you wage to solve a problem with the hope of getting closer to the person is useful. Fights intended to distance yourself usually get you shot in the back.

    But ole Jezebel lives in the psyche and worldview of the glossalalists

  24. The accusation of Jezebel…aka mansplaining

  25. None of you guys are qualified to use or are entitled to use the title, “Bishop.” To the best of my knowledge regarding scripture, the only person allowed the use of that title is Steven Bishop. I know for a fact he’d claim it, but he has been preoccupied with finding Blutarsky so that he can get compensated for his smashed guitar.

  26. “Charisma Mag news site has an endless list of articles on Jezebel. (Obviously one of their editors has a morbid fascination with the subject.) It frankly comes across as nothing but pure superstition to me.”

    That would be Charisma Mag’s editor Jennifer Leclaire. She wrote a book on it.

  27. These guys (Graham, Abedini, Grudem, Driscoll, et. al.) really are terrified of women aren’t they?

  28. The Jezebel spirit was introduced in a book by by Reverend Francis Frangipane (Author) in his book “The Three Battle Grounds.”

    The book first appeared in 1989.

    Francis got the idea and term from a man called Apostle John Robert Stevens, in South Gate, Los Angeles, when he was involved with a church of John’s called “The Walk.”

    The fringe of Charismatic types identify situations with spirits that have been given names that correspond with the common elements of the particular situations.

    Jezebel lorded it over Ahab. Therefore any woman who is overbearing would be told that she has a “Jezebel spirit.”

    Any woman who dressed well and takes care of herself in diet and exercise who drew attention of men in church because she was good looking would be told that she had a “Jezebel spirit.”

    This is serious, it has happened and does happen in churches.

    I know of one lady that Calvary Chapels school of ministry told this to.

  29. Potatohead,

    “I know of one lady that Calvary Chapels school of ministry told this to.”

    Told this to as in the lady had that spirit?

    That’s what I would classify as abuse.

  30. Oh ya the abused her.

    They would not gradate her and told her that she had a Jezebel spirit.”

    Being very wealthy, deep pockets,her husband threatened to sue Calvary Chapel.

    They backed down real quick and graduated her.

    She and one other lady were the first ever to graduate as women from that school.

    Both are now ordained by CC because of the threat of a lawsuit that CC did not want and couldn’t sustain against Mr.Deep Pockets.

    Won’t say the ladies last names but their first names are Massey and Donna.

    The only female ordained ministers of Calvary Chapel 🙂

  31. I know lots of ladies that heard that from a CC…

  32. CC has some real ugliness in its culture based on a number of stories shared here.

  33. You missed most of it…should have been here 10 years ago…

    Some are fine…some others, not so fine as my new lead story shows.

  34. It truly is sad Michael.

    Shepherds should never drive away sheep.

    Instead they are to tend to their needs as examples to the flock.

    Calvary chapel developed a religious attitude ( dare I say a religious spirit ) around 1972 that only got worse and worse over the years.

    Abuse in so many areas erupted.

    Al has pointed out some of the areas on his blog with accuracy.

    One of the reasons your blog initially grew was because you were willing to give the CC abused a voice here.

    And you had a lot of CC pastors who showed up and shared here until their pope (Moses) declared you and your blog to be off limits…

  35. Just for the record I have run into a few that could give Jez a run


    I used the term just once when I was about 24 as a joke… it turned out bad. She wasn’t and i was really kidding but it was a big mistake. She was hurt and I was ashamed. We worked it out. I’ve never been tempted to apply the moniker even where it was merited

  36. Potatoehead,

    The greatest gift we were ever given was when Chuck and Greg Laurie told people not to read this blog at a pastors conference.
    The pastors went to lunch and crashed our server trying to get on…

  37. I admit the controversy of your blog drew me here way back when.

    Just couldn’t leave because there are some truly great individuals here.

    And in one sense it is a Seinfeld episode with some of the characters who pop in and out now and then.

    The threads can get lively and interesting.

    The catalytic combination between some of the regulars is great!

  38. Back in the day they said we wouldn’t last.
    40 whiners, they said.
    We’ve outlasted some of them now…and it’s because of the great people that honor us with their presence.
    I’ve been blessed…

  39. After having spent some time in a NAR church, where the senior leader (he was very clear he was not a pastor), declared himself an apostle, I prefer the title Apostle Supreme Shepherd. Much better acronym than BM, don’t you think?

  40. Tracey,

    I think you have topped us all… 🙂

  41. Jezebel Spirit. Religious Spirit. Spiritual baseball bats aimed at the heads of the sheep and used to control them. I encountered those labels a lot in a NAR church.

  42. Divine Instiller of Christian Knowledge

  43. fil,

    I’m speechless…that was wondrous. 🙂

  44. filbertz,

    HAHAHA!! What’s even funnier is there are a few “leaders” running around who would LOVE that title!!

  45. Tracey,
    …and I’d be happy to address them as such. I guess I’m a tad toxic these days.

  46. filbertz,

    Of course, there are also the ones who like to put Dr in front of their titles…even better 😁

  47. I hope you don’t mind I post this here. Saeed’s statement reminded me of this:


  48. […] ✑ Phoenix Preacher calls out Saeed Abedini. Michael Newnham nails it in his piece critical of the released Iranian hostage/domestic abuser/”pastor”. […]

  49. This is so good, Michael. LOL

    “Saeed himself is afflicted with the “spirit of asshattery”… exorcism is needed.”

  50. I saw on Facebook today there is a “Prophets For Trump” page. Someone had posted a picture of Trump this morning with the words, “Jehu is coming for you Jezebel.” At least they aren’t calling him David again. That was in Dutch Sheet’s latest article. If Trump is David, etc., why can’t Hillary be Mary Magdalene?

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