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thinking_man_ape_wood_3d_sculpture_thinker_think-480x3251. bigot: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

That’s the dictionary definition of a ‘bigot”.

The real world definition is if you are “intolerant ” of any idea or group that I am tolerant of, you’re a bigot.

For some reason,  those who label others bigots are not stained with bigotry themselves, as long as they are bigoted against the people that their group considers bigots.

It’s one of our new “weapon” words meant to inflict shame and stifle discussion.

It’s an accusation that you cannot defend yourself against with words because it requires looking at the totality of a persons life and relationships.

It’s character assassination that even the unskilled can inflict with ease.

“Bigot” used to be an important word, because it applied mainly to those who opposed segregation of the races and it was used to eliminate this wrong from the public discourse.

Today, I’m a bigot because I don’t believe I should use the womens restroom, don’t believe that gay marriage is wonderful, or that radical Islam is just a few Arabs with a bad attitude.

Those who have labeled me such have the same goal that we all had fifty years ago…to mark and eliminate people with such thoughts from the culture.

I’m not going anywhere…

2. Very few people get the Trump phenomenon. I’m here to explain it to you.

We live in a world were all things have become terribly complex and difficult to understand.

When I was a child our TV had a dial.

When you wanted to change the channel to one of the other two or three that were available, you walked up to the TV and turned the dial.

Today we have hundreds of channels that you access with a remote control that has dozens of buttons with scads of options.

Many folks have yet to figure out how they work and they are a source of constant frustration.

They wish it were simple.

Trump simplifies all the issues into black and white, good guys and bad, and he speaks what the simple, common person is thinking.

They don’t believe anyone else is.

You’re welcome.

3. When I’m reporting on some scandal in the church, I invariably get emails telling me that I should just let God handle it. My reply is that He is…God almost always works through means…even bloggers.

4. The blood moon over Medford was something to behold last night. It spoke to me of the renewal of the creation, not it’s destruction.

5. I have no desire to live in  world where there is no difference between the sexes.

6. God answered some big prayers this weekend…then presented situations where even bigger prayer will be needed. God always gives you more than you can handle so that you will seek the God who can handle it for you.

7. The only defense the Christian has is sacrificial love.

8. May the Lord keep me from being known for my political opinions more than the Gospel.

9. The Sermon on the Mount is the most radical, counter cultural, document ever written. It is the “constitution” of the kingdom of God. It should be consulted before any other document when we’re deciding what’s “constitutional”.

10. Phil has laryngitis, thus no podcast today. Pray for his recovery…he talks for a living.

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  1. Thank you. I’m a bigot as well, cannot being to fathom the obtuse insanity that would neutralize genders (suggest that idea that to a farmer raising livestock) actually do like some of what Trump is saying per your summary, praying for you and Trey….. and yes, the Sermon on the Mount…..pretty danged heavy and way different than most church culture experiences and love…. sacrificial real love. A rare gem..

  2. It is amazing how we use certain words to end an argument/debate. Whether it’s bigot, commie, calvinist, hippie, racist, etc… we seem to use them too often. I remember times at the Bible college where we’d be discussing something someone wrote that required thinking a little deeper than normal, and someone would inevitably say, ‘yeah, but he’s a calvinist’ as if that should taint him to the point that he should be ignored. Sometimes it’s a struggle not to do this.

  3. Paige…thanks for praying.
    It helps just knowing you’re here…

  4. Everstudy,

    Very well said.
    I was going to make a list of “weapon” words, but I’m brain groggy this morning…

  5. Praying for Phil. 🙏🏻

  6. I was told a bigot is someone who wants to deny people their civil rights … as in marriage is now a civil right for gays but not for bi-sexuals who want to meet all their needs. I am the bigot because I do want to deny any marriage other than a man and a woman.

    Trump is loved by people like me (who may not vote for him) because he talks like a human being instead of a d@mn politician. We love trump figures but we will not vote for them we hate politicians but will only vote for them.

    Blood moons make money for preachers bloody ground makes money for those that the preachers are warning about. Plenty of pox to go around.

    Already I am having encounters with parents whose children are wanting to experiment with what our nation has blessed. What you blessed you increase.

    The whorish hell that has been loosed upon us by ratifying gay marriage is going to swallow generations.

    Babylon is Here Dread

  7. As God is my witness, I preached this (in part) yesterday morning. Used the words bigotry and used shame specifically.

    Psalm 4 speaks of the unbelievers turning the child-of-God’s glory into shame. Psalm 3 before makes clear that the child-of-God’s glory is the LORD.

    How does the world turn the glory of the LORD into shame for the child of God? By calling us bigots in order to shame into silence (or even worse, force a capitulation). It was also a timely illustration given the pope’s silence on abortion before the nation’s leaders – while opining on all sorts of other issues.

    I guess we are on the same wavelength here, Michael.

    (Whereas MLD blatantly stole a couple of my lines in his Hebrews study. 🙂 Where is the work product royalty MLD? )

  8. If I used something from you with out clear attribution I apologize. Was it this line? – “Because of this we must remember that all theology is Christology.” I doubt it 😉

    We may have gotten things from a common source – Look at last week – who said “stay under the spout where the glory comes out” Chuck, Lonnie, the hymn, me??

    I did the study 3 yrs ago, I don’t study materials used.

  9. I don’t study materials used. = I don’t remember study materials used.

    But I will add, much is embedded in me from years of study.

  10. “…just let God handle it”
    I think this is the abuser’s dream statement.

    So, if the abused dares to speak against unrighteousness, he is ‘thwarting God’s purposes.’

    Abusers always blame their victims.

  11. I have recently been through some tough trials that seem to go on for ever until there is this piling on of trouble and when I sought the Lord about this, he said to me, “You have need of endurance.” I thought I was pretty enduring, but I guess not.

  12. spouts, bigots, spigots… ? … i know your childhoods included the old taunt, “i’m rubber, you’re glue – everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you…”

    i became a Christian and was called a “religious fanatic” by some of my close family… that was their opinion, their world… so maybe, in the distorted world of lies they (whoever “they” are) can declare that the Faith produces fanatics and bigots … we don’t have to own the label, do we? this is where we must learn how to stand and do it in and with the grace of God… or so say i … ( whoever “i” am 🙂 )

  13. the one hard thing is enduring the unresolved and unending trials … one thing i do know is that God sees and cares very much … no trial or sorrow is not remembered by Him … it is not a nice world we live in … for the most part the last couple hundred years in the U.S. have been a miraculous, unappreciated, bubble … we tend to think that this is us evolving upward, the way the human race always going to be from here on … perhaps and perhaps not – dunno

  14. Dis,

    Well said.

  15. #1-Can we admit that you’re referring to the language/weaponry of the left?

    #2-I’m a bigot, because I think the “Trump phenomenon” reveals how stupid GOP voters are.

  16. Facebook seems to be going on the fritz … Prophecy preachers seize the moment!

    Blood Moon Dread

  17. why thumb wrestle when you can nuke someone? This seems to be the mentality behind those who resort to ‘weapon words’ instead of honestly engaging with someone else who may differ in perspective. By the way, the insults go both ways as I’ve heard many believers employ ‘weapon words’ against their not-yet-brothers.

    I watched the super-moon eclipse last night with great fascination and appreciation. I also giggled that the world wasn’t ending as the symphony of sight unfolded.

    I don’t feel confused by Trump, only that his disconnect isn’t a result of political office but financial prosperity. He says what others are thinking without feeling what they’re feeling.

  18. Fil said “I don’t feel confused by Trump, only that his disconnect isn’t a result of political office but financial prosperity. He says what others are thinking without feeling what they’re feeling.”


  19. agreeing with Nonnie and most of all of Filbertz” #17 “weapon words’ against their not-yet-brothers.” sobering reminder

  20. MLD…you know I am joking with you. Message illustrations are like blues licks for a guitarist. Besides, that means there is at least one thing in your message I agree with. 🙂 (Just kidding as well, those look like pretty solid notes throughout)

    I doubt it was brilliant enough to have been the first time in the Body of Christ ever uttered in a sermon, but yeah, it is my personal go-to example that I do not recall ever hearing before from another – though I am sure it has been numerous times.

    9:00-13:00 and then 14:45-16:30 in my message on Hebrew 4:12

  21. Trump as of today is now running on a detailed tax platform which in part says that married couples making 50,000 or less will pay no federal income taxes. He is loudly sticking it to all the special deductions and carry-overs that both rich individuals and corporations use..while keeping deductions for charity and home mortgage.

    He is running on a way to bring back the trillion plus dollars companies like Apple (and Trump himself) are keeping in other nations by repatrioting those monies at a reduced corporate rate.

    Quite a populist tune to the masses.

    The Republican establishment and Democrat elites are going to have to come up with another dismissal than the recent “he doesn’t have a plan” argument….

  22. Michael,
    Your words ring with resounding truth. People are sick of manipulation and lies. I recently came across this quote, “In our day, it is considered worse to judge evil than to do evil.”
    We are beginning to wake up and grow tired of being forced to believe that the emperor isn’t naked. Political correctness, be it public or religious, seeks to get people to deny the truth because it is offensive.

    I’ve recently marveled at the phenomenal interest people have in shows like “The Walking Dead”. While I personally like the show, I also wonder if the fascination with it is rooted in the fact that everything appears to be simple and clear. No one cares about political correctness, because political correctness is actually dangerous in the real world. People are tired of being beholden to stuff that isn’t really important. They like the idea of a world where the clear agenda is to live, and to defend your friends and family against anyone who has the opposite agenda. I think it ultimately reveals the desire within us that craves the simplicity of Eden. We know that something isn’t right, and we want someone to come and make it right; we want redemption. The problem is, we tend to settle for lesser redeemers.

  23. Here’s all you need to know about Donald T.Rump’s tax scheme:

    It’s a big tax cut for the wealthy that, despite claims to the contrary, will add trillions to the deficit. “The best way to think about this plan is, start with Governor Jeb Bush’s tax plan and then make it a larger tax cut,” said Kyle Pomerleau, an economist at the Tax Foundation.

    Not only that, but here’s the sweetener: we get a narcissistic maniacal bloviator for Dictator.

  24. I tend to think it makes sense to read one’s actual plan when it is in print rather than the partisan commentary. I think it will be rough for the media and the two political parties to try the old playbook that this will increase the deficit (Republican) and is a gift for the rich (Democrat)…it will likely fall on deaf ears when the populist masses see the details.

    I’m not supporting the guy, and have no intention of voting for him, but Michael’s point about his simplicity and populist appeal is right on. Everyone hates taxes, knows the complications and difficulties favor the connected and those who can afford the legal help to navigate through it. And to see a billionaire talk about sticking it to hedge fund managers and his fellow billionaires is going to keep getting attention.

    Especially when said billionaire is spending his own money for his campaign.

  25. If people really do “vote their pocketbook” that will be a pretty easy chart to replicate to let everyone know what tax break they will get….

  26. Some elements of Trump’s plan look familiar.

  27. Yeah, Jim. I see the $50,000 level in there too. Lots of similarity.

  28. question – isn’t Congress the body that levies our taxes? hate to elect someone to our Presidency just to see him get his comeuppance, but the President can’t fire any of the powerful and wasteful bureaucrats, can he/she – only his cabinet, staff and … the Attorney General(?) …
    what exactly does the President do; what power does he actually wield? i thought his job was to handle international affairs and the defense of the nation…
    i’m confused… just what should we look for in a President today?

  29. The President is required to submit to Congress a budget though, Em.

  30. well, when the President submits HIS budget, isn’t he still at the mercy of the Congress to find the money (as are we, it seems)?

  31. “Political correctness” is one of the weapon words of the right. As is “do-gooders”. Such a tragedy that it is an insult to say that someone does good. I am more on the left, so I feel more the sting of those words.

    Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matt 5)

    This applies to whichever brand of pejoratives you suffer. Michael, you write wisely and in a balanced way. You do not deserve harsh words. Great is your reward. Others who are called bigots are careless with their words and deserve criticism imo, but you are like the prophets before you.

  32. He can veto, Em

  33. Eric,

    Who specifically uses the term, “do-gooders”?

  34. Well…Phil Robertson has decided to ditch Bob Jindal (he’s not from here, anyway) in favor of T.Rump.

    That settles it for me. I do with the Duck boys,

    Besides…nothin’ means lovin’ like marryin’ your cousin!

  35. Jim,

    “Do-gooder” is used (in Australia at least) to describe people who want to help the poor & disadvantaged, the environment, etc. Used by those who wish to denigrate such people.

  36. So, we’re talking about Australian “right wingers”. Was wondering why I never hear the term.

  37. Jim,

    Surely, you’re not suggesting that the right doesn’t use words as weapons as well…the newest is a catch all…”social justice warrior”.
    It was the right wings assault by words that sent me screaming left…

  38. It’s not about name calling and throwing dirt which happens from and towards all directions.

    It’s about the heart of the post here. Using a word that has a specific meaning, which also is a terrible thing, and applying it falsely against another.

    Like bigotry.

    In my message Sunday I began that portion by saying bigotry is a horrible sin. Christians have no place for bigotry and it is a great evil to judge a person by their belonging to a group – and I cited skin color, ethnicity, financial and educational status among examples. And we live that truth in the brotherhood and sisterhood of CCLE among a variety of ethnicities, age, educational, work, financial backgrounds – united in our love for Christ and our union with Him and one another as believers.

    The chare of bigotry is made all the worse because this nation has a sordid history with bigotry – and many people have spent their lives as examples of NOT showing bigotry. People like myself.

    Imagine if opposition to a tax increase got one labelled as a thief. It would be ludicrously wrong, it would be an evil false witness to call people thieves who are not.

    But thievery is objective. Bigotry (and its cousin in other political discussions, racism) are subjective and matters of the heart which may or may not show itself in action.

    But when one points to disagreements as “actions” that then the world justifies the bigot or racist card…well on that score there is no comparison on the political scorecard

  39. Even when I was a unsaved, living in debauchery, I saw racism and bigotry as evil and was known to stand against such things.

    How ironic that it took coming to Christ to be labelled a bigot by the world.

  40. Michael,

    Not at all. Remember, I’m a dirty “isolationist”. I was referring to your examples.

  41. I was watching the spawn of satan testify before congress earlier. If Planned parenthood is not racist, neither is the KKK.

  42. Jim, I’m a Bible-thumpin’ fundie. Nice to meet you.

    (I wear that pejorative as a badge of honor)

    Islamaphobe, homophobe, racist, bigot on the other hand…..

  43. Hi Steve,

    I cling to my God and guns, and like gender-specific public rest rooms. We should have an AA meeting….

  44. LOL

    “bitter clingers annonymous”

    they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them – POTUS Obama

    Looks like that covers all three of the points in your #43

  45. I can’t own, “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them”. Perhaps I haven’t hit rock bottom.

  46. Agreed…but your gender bathroom comment would be interpreted that way by the author of bitter clingers.

  47. Eric, I completely disagree with you. Political correctness is a real system that the left pushes, ad nauseum. I could list about a million instances of it. The latest though is that the University of Tennessee announced in September that on their campus, you should avoid using the pronouns “he, she, his, hers.” Honestly Eric, is that the type of total, utter nonsense that you wish to stand for and be associated with? SMH…..

  48. Eric, regarding comment #35, it’s not that those of us on the political right are opposed to helping people (I realize that’s news to the left), it’s that we’re opposed to bloated, inefficient, fraudulent, govt run programs that claim to help people, but that do no such thing.

    Actually helping people is hard work. It takes time, effort, and personal involvement. It’s much easier to ask the govt to take money from everyone else, in the name of “helping” people.

    Finally, ever since LBJ’s so called “great society” in the 60’s, we’ve spent trillions to eradicate poverty. How’s that working out so far?