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thinking_man_ape_wood_3d_sculpture_thinker_think-480x3251. Today is Memorial Day and we honor the sacrifice of those who died in battle for our country. I wonder if as the WWII generation passes this day will start to fade in importance and reverence…and I wonder if those vets would recognize what they died for. It will be a shame to us all if we fail to honor those who sacrificed post WWII. It is already a shame how we treat those who have survived their service…

2. Evidently, Jan Crouch had a massive stroke and may not survive. I had some one write me and ask if I would pray…and I haven’t yet answered. I’m not sure how to pray for someone like that…

3. The prayer requests on Crouch’s Facebook page look like an “introduction to heresy” handbook…

4. There is little that concerns me more than the lack of prophetic voices in the church…

5. The one thing that does concern me more is that we have such a fear of being a “remnant” instead of a majority. For reasons known only to God the Gospel is more effective when it is utterly counter cultural. We have gone from being the ones who would not offer a pinch of incense to Caesar to being those who desperately want to be Caesar…

6. It is probably more sinful than I think that I have an easier time loving people outside the church than in it. I feel more comfortable with honest sinners…

7. When Jesus announced that one of His disciples would be betray Him, they all asked if they were the one. May God remind me that there is no sin I’m not capable of committing…

8. Patriotism no longer comes naturally to the youngest generations… I do not know what this means, I only know that it is so…

9. I wish I was intelligent and educated enough to have an informed opinion on everything like so many of my Facebook friends…

10. There is an ODM group forming an online church. You can have church online about as well as you can have sex online…it may be momentarily fulfilling, but it ain’t the real thing…

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  1. Here’s to the real thing

  2. #7 – that one hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank God for His mercy.

  3. #6 – I struggle with this as well. I would’ve never guessed growing up that fellow believers would be the hardest to love.

  4. #6 – I read about a guy who lived about 2,000 years ago who felt the same way. You’re in good company, Michael.

  5. “The one thing that does concern me more is that we have such a fear of being a “remnant” instead of a majority. For reasons known only to God the Gospel is more effective when it is utterly counter cultural.”

    It’s the fear of not being reckoned amongst the remnant.

    Being “counter cultural” is cool and hip if autonomy, individuality and potentiality are in view. I’m going to do my thing! Check out my electric car! I’ve got so much energy on my new vegan diet. Check out my new shirt: it’s 85% recycled content.

    Compare that to the counter culture of the kingdom of God: loving your enemies; forgiving people who sin against you; giving them your Starbucks money; not coveting; not gossiping and bearing false witness; dealing with the log in your own eye. I don’t see this kind of counter culture in high demand. I face opposition to it from my own sinful self daily. It will take the Lord’s grace and mercy if I am going to embrace it.

  6. 1- they didn’t die for consumerism, did they? do all our confusions today stem from thinking that if we look good, we are good?
    2-i could never make up my mind about Jan and Paul Crouch… as i wish i’d had Jan’s outspoken determinism, but those 4 digit wigs …?… kind of gave away where her heart was … or seemed to be … God will have to sort this out … i pray that her soul prosper, at any rate… her flesh did quite well, so who knows?
    4-what is a prophetic voice?
    5-can’t argue with that conclusion – but isn’t that what life is all about? how we’d look on TV? God did whip the devil and all his minions with nothing but virtue…
    6-this is the saddest thing… and true… too many wolves
    8-my generation was indoctrinated by the white hats, my children and their children were fed cynicism and disrespect as the highest virtues of mankind
    9-i have an opinion on everything, but i don’t expect to be taken seriously 🙂
    10-are the majority of people hiding from reality? living virtual lives?
    sitting here on my virtual front porch and thinking… thanks to Michael N

  7. #6 – and then self awareness comes and the realization that my prickly, non-conformist self isn’t so easy to love either.

  8. “It is probably more sinful than I think that I have an easier time loving people outside the church than in it. I feel more comfortable with honest sinners…”

    I am so there with you… I almost feel like it’s my CALLING to show non believers that not all Christians are like the ones they hear about……

  9. I find no trouble loving people both inside and outside the church. I have no lack of conflict with people both inside and outside the church.

  10. #9 Am I the only one who sees the blessed irony in our mentor posting this on “Things I Think” are we to understand that this is a confession of being unintelligent and ill-informed?

    In my educated opinion that is what we are being told.

    😉 Dread

  11. 6 – How can a non believer be an honest sinner, if that’ is what you are meaning? They can not realize their sin by knowing Christ. Honest by lack of knowledge? A luke warm Christian in their heart of hearts is aware of sin. An abuser, molester the church is aware and chooses to ignore, that is, unless we are dealing with a sociopath. Maybe not, dunno, pondering in the great words of EM……;)

    The HS is great at conviction.

  12. BD,
    I am woefully uninformed on many things. The issues we face are so complex that each takes more time and study than most of us have.

  13. Lots of good comments…l’ll respond when I get home.

  14. Michael 12, is the truth. It is so much easier to have an opinion, than to do the research, become informed, consider the intricacies, and then form a maleable opinion.

  15. Thought 8, patriotism, or nationalism? I think the two get confused, and there is a lot of nationalism going on…

  16. If you can pray for your enemies, you should be able to pray for Jan Crouch.

    Talking to a friend who had one relative, a Christian, who they simply cannot abide dealing with any longer, while their other parents, an obvious unbeliever is very supportive, kind and easy to get along with. It is perverted that things are so often this way.

    Truly, there are some “good” Samaritans…

  17. The funny thing is that there is not a bit difference between a saved sinner and an unsaved sinner. So I don’t know what an honest sinner is. Both are sinners and both sin willfully – and catch this – willfully every time. But obviously Jesus died for everyone’s sin and all sin.

    And all Christians are the same – some just do nice better.

  18. I have a lot of unbelievers as friends and they make no prevention of being anything other than a sinner.

    I enjoy their company more than many of those who are redeemed sinners, but sin as much as my heathen friends without the concurrent humility.

  19. I agree with Reuben that we are seeing a burst of nationalism as of late.

    Both terms mean less to me than they probably should…being an American is a lesser part of my self identification.

  20. #8 – I don’t know if this is true. This generation fights wars with volunteers – my generation had to be chased across the Canadian landscape o be put in uniform.

  21. #4. I am not sure that we lack prophetic voices. I think more of the problem is that the average Christian does not want to listen to the ones that exist. The power brokers are not interested in their message, for it is convicting. So they are not promoting these voices. The Christian publishing houses do not want them. The Christian big money media rejects them. Little has changed since Old Testament times. They are simply ignored. Some run blogs that are not popular. I think the problem is willfully ignoring that which we do not want to hear. God does not have a problem with communicating with His people. But we want someone to tickle are ears, instead of kick our complacent butts…

  22. People have never wanted to her prophets. We always kill them.

  23. #6 & #7 hit me with a double punch !

  24. Loved your number 9 thought! So many know-It-alls out there on the interwebs!

  25. Tying #6 & 7 together and our “distaste” for the sinners in the church – why is it that we can recognize in ourselves “that there is no sin I’m not capable of committing…” and yet we can only rage against others who do sin the sins that they are capable of doing.

    Why does a Skip sin bother us so much? Why does the CSN guy (I can’t remember his name) bother us so much – or the guy in India etc.Why isn’t the response “yep, that’s who we are in Jesus — isn’t that good news” – I mean isn’t that a better response than the happiness some might see in just ashes filling Skip’s topsiders?

  26. Two reasons .
    One, there are standards for leaders .
    Two , the issue isn’t their sin, it’s the refusal to repent.

  27. can i add a third reason? sin corrupts and therefore unchecked sin destroys …

    there are admonitions to not tolerate bad behavior inside the Church … doesn’t make one self-righteous to call out sinful leaders, not one bit …
    course, we are also admonished to watch our own walk lest we trip also

  28. “it’s the refusal to repent.”

    And the refusal to repent is part of that sin that we are capable of committing.

  29. shouldn’t those under the ‘leadership’ of the leader be the ones to call out the leaders and not ‘strangers’?

    Again, I always come back to my local church – who has authority to call out my pastor?

    And repentance is not always accepted by the pissed off. I have told the story before when we suspended our pastor for just under a year, we lost about 1/3 of our families – when he returned, he apologized at all 4 services and some people still weren’t happy – “well he didn’t apologize to me.”

    I think we should be praying and mourning for those in sin – just as we would hope folks are praying and mourning for us.

  30. Yes, and yes to #5 and #9.

    Michael, I have to say though, that to me at least, a part of #5 (being a counter cultural remnant) may mean abandoning the political realm altogether.

  31. Alan,

    I’m close to agreeing with you…

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