Aug 072017

1. I’ve been in the grip of a gall bladder attack since 1:30 this morning, so most of my real thoughts are unprintable. I’m going to be out of the loop on and off today…

2. If you follow college basketball at all you’ll know that the name of Dave Bliss is a curse word among those who care about ethics and decency in athletics.


He’s also the new basketball coach at a Calvary Chapel high school. Here’s an article from a secular reporter who is also a Christian, (he has actually worshipped at this church) who was trespassed off the property for asking questions about the hire. The only thing greater than the ethical hypocrisy in this matter should be the outrage over letting this guy influence young people again. Well, at least he’s not gay…

3. Speaking of gay…I taught Genesis 2 last night. The argument that homosexual practice is compatible with the Christian faith completely fails when measured against Scripture, tradition, and reason. There remains grace for the sinner, but we can’t compromise the truth. Unless the sinner has a very good record in sports, of course…

4. Back to sports for a moment…Adrian Beltre of the Rangers collected his 3000th hit last week. This is quite a milestone. The next day, he was accused of cheating to gain that milestone on a national radio show. Now, there is not a shred of evidence that Beltre used drugs to help him…even the accuser acknowledged that fact. However, the accusation made for a “hot take” that would inflame emotions and drive ratings, so the man was accused anyway. There is no greater sign of the degradation of our culture than the fact that this is now our standard means of public discourse. This…will bury us.

5. When we worship the god of pragmatism  to the point where the means are irrelevant to the end (hiring a scoundrel because he’s a good coach, covering a scoundrel because he’s “such a good teacher”), we worship a false god and teach others to do likewise…

6. Poetry seems to be a dying art…perhaps because reading is as well.

7. There is no greater joy than that which accompanies the alleviation of pain…

8. I’m so grateful that I live in these horrible “end times” when medical and scientific advances against pain and disease are greater than at any time in human history…

9. I’m having a tough time getting around, but I’m still going to go take T to work…because my pride in him swells up and swallows any discomfort I might be in…

10. I’m persuaded that one of the worst of sins is ignoring all the beautiful in life and creation…


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  1. Hi Michael…will pray again for alleviation of the pain…and surgery soon.

    Re: number 5, can’t help but to think of President Trump and the evangelicals that continue to support him. Of course we are called to pray for our leaders, so there is that.

    Re: number 8…these are horrible times, aren’t they?!?

    Re: number 9…that encourages me. Even through I have no son of my own, maybe someday I will be able to be a mentor or foster dad to a kid and I would hope for the same/similar feeling.

    Re: number 10..indeed. Can’t believe that soooo many believers spend (waste) time on the ugliness and discount the beautiful, like art and poetry!

  2. Thanks, Dan.

    I just got the call that insurance finally approved the surgery, so now just waiting on scheduling.

    Your point about #5 is well taken…

  3. Michael, great thoughts in the midst of pain–glad surgery will happen soon. Number 2 is well stated. Grace for the sinner, grace and truth are liberating, Grace without truth is hollow.

    The church faced Nero with less of a record of complaint than what we have heard over the last generation in terms presidents from Carter to Trump. I wonder how much of our failure to leaven our culture with grace is because we spend so much time and energy trying to transform government rather than allowing the personal transformations in us that will lead to cultural transformation.

  4. 1. Sorry for your situation.
    5. We are to pray for those placed over us. But I get to phrase the specifics of the requests. Their not going to like it.
    2. Baylor is intriguing to me having noted a few Evangelical/ Right Wing connections in recent years. Not as central as Wheaton, but intriguing. ( Judge Star)
    So what is the Bliss back story that he pops up in Vegas? Is he being tossed a favor by someone? Is Vegas his supplemental retirement income?

  5. CCLV has one of two options regarding Dave Bliss:

    1) Absorb and defend DB by claiming that he is forgiven and moving on as if that will in and of itself address the concerns,


    2) Eventually tire of the negative publicity(money begins to decline) and DB walks in one day to find someone else sitting at his desk(the Calvary way).

    The guy who got kicked out says this:

    “The school, by the way, has a meet-and-greet scheduled for Tuesday from 5-7 p.m., at which its Facebook page states athletic department administrators and coaches will be present.”

    I would bet that this would get covered by local media and possibly even ESPN.

  6. I never understood poetry and chalked it up the musings and mutterings of crazy people — except perhaps Dr. Seuss 😉

  7. My wife said gallbladder attacks are worse than childbirth. So at least now you have some bragging rights.

    Praying for you

  8. Coffee houses are passé and poetry died with them. I only did open mike twice, but it was pretty fun.

  9. 8 is a powerful thought, one that was addressed recently on a call in show called The Athiest Experience, by the host Matt Dillahunty. You two are conjoined on that issue.

    Hitchens often addressed this as well, noting that the times you just spoke of, Genesis 2, people were dying of their teeth. Their teeth. An antibiotic would have changed the course of history, and some of the more bold Christian Apologetics debaters I have read recently speculate that it would have been a scientific tower of Babel, spiraling humanity into depths of wickedness that we could not even fathom today… and I laugh.

    Sam Smith of The Progressive Review will be turning 80 very soon. People are living longer, may I be as useful as him at that age…

  10. Michael…so glad your surgery was approved! Praying for a quick schedule date!

  11. Using their God-given brain to advance knowledge, in most ways people do have much easier lives today (most of us) than they did in centuries past, except…
    Adam and Eve, before they tried to be as smart as God, had it pretty nice I think – dunno 😏

  12. Some things to think on, hope you feel better.

  13. Michael, happy to hear about your approval for your surgery!

    Nathan, you can google Dave Bliss and Baylor and go from there.

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