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thinking-pic1. We could soon see a tyrant toppled.

The Facebook group “Dear Pastor Mark and Mars Hill: We Are Not Anonymous” has over 400 members in just a few days.

If one more layer of the church decides to leave, it is my belief that the organization is thrown into financial bankruptcy that matches it’s spiritual failure.

In the mega church world that’s where the rubber meets the road…so keep speaking out and keep pushing, my friends.

2. If your home church has to expand to the dining room as well as the front room…are you now multi-site?

3. Remember when discernment ministries went after non-Christian cults instead of brothers and sisters? The Mormons and JW’s must think God answered their prayers…

4. The Gospel is thwarted when the church stops being ambassadors of Christ and start becoming policemen for Jesus…

5. Real pastors repent first…

6. I started teaching on the Beatitudes last night…’blessed are the poor in spirit”. “Blessed” doesn’t mean “happy”, it means approved by God or in God’s favor. The first Beatitude teaches us that those who understand that they have nothing and have done nothing to commend themselves to God, but are unworthy recipients of His grace are those whom God blesses. My guess is that those who feel that the church is fortunate to have them and their “gifts’ may not have His approval or favor. The minute you think you qualified on your own is the minute you deny the Gospel…

7. The trend in reality shows is now to have the people in them naked. We have a naked survival show and a naked dating show and any residual ideas of of decency and shame go the way of the dinosaur. Of course, if they’re successful, there will be a “naked church” show and we can just pray that they don’t film it at a Baptist potluck…

8. When it’s founder passed, Lutheranism went through a split between traditionalists and progressives. They had to acknowledge the schism and go through a process of redefinition and redeterminations about leadership and doctrine. That was for my CC friends…

9. The person or group you have the most difficult time loving is the person or group that God can use to greatest benefit in your sanctification.

10. I have to get ready for a job interview…what are you thinking about this week?

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  1. “I have to get ready for a job interview…what are you thinking about this week?”

    Thinking about you and my former boss both looking for work in different states, different fields, and with different outlooks on life and faith in general.

    I wish you well my friend.

  2. papiaslogia,

    Thank you, my friend!

  3. Good morning Michael.

    “what are you thinking about this week?

    Related to your #9, I’m thinking about how our different groups have our favorite verses with which we identify who we are, while we don’t like other verses which don’t fit our narrative.

    I need to better learn the verses which for me are those “other verses.”

  4. Great stull as usual Michael. What are you thinking about this week? I’m thinking that there must be another way to experience God’s grace, mercy & peace without feeling so much pain.

  5. covered,

    I hear you, as you are aware.
    What I have found is that there isn’t another way…because the way of Christ is the way of the Cross.
    Having to spend so much time at the end of myself is the only way I have begun to see the beginning of Him.
    I too, would prefer another way…

  6. Praying for you and the job situation, Michael.

  7. Thanks Michael, now I have more to think about. Your trials have ministered to many here and if I can endure the fire the way you have, then I will be grateful. I know that His grace is sufficient but I thought that was for other people. 🙂

  8. #3…. this has been my pet peeve for years. We don’t even know who the enemy is any more….

  9. e,
    no one is the enemy – not even the Mormons or the JWs. They are different, but cause no harm in the world.

  10. covered,

    You don’t see me at home. 🙂
    His grace is sufficient, but the only way you know that for a fact instead of a theory, is through this path.
    I would like to be holy enough to say that the knowledge is worth it, but I’m not there yet…

  11. Thank you, JTK…thanks Nonnie.
    If I keep swinging, I’m bound to hit something… 🙂

  12. #7 There’s a Christian band called the Seventy-Sevens that released a song (and album) back in the 90s called Pray Naked. Maybe they were being prophetic (and more literal) than they realized. “When you pray, if you pray, then pray naked.” I believe was one of the lines… I sure hope those pews are covered in thick plastic. Can I have an “Ew!” to go along with that Amen?

    #2 is only true if you set up a TV monitor in the dining room so that we can watch you on the screen. Bonus points if you have different guitar players in each room so that the worship part is “live”.

    #3 discernment ministries aren’t the current fad for those who like the “us vs. them” approach to life and ministry. The focus regularly changes. The “them” has been Catholics, Charismatics, and Cults, but its moved on. Poor John MacArthur and his hatred of non-cessationists has been surpassed too. The new “them” for many is the non-Calvinists. What is it with the letter “C” that makes it so divisive? 🙂

  13. BTW, continuing to pray for your job situation, my brother.

  14. MLD, point taken. I would not treat them like enemies and have a genuine concern for their souls.

  15. Thank you, EricL…appreciate your support over this last year.

  16. One of the insights I’ve learned through Facebook is the fact that EVERYONE is in transition, especially in the job situation. Those who I assumed were the longtimers in my former industry were actually shuffled around during restructurings, downsizings, offshorings, outsourcings and layoffs. It keeps things in perspective.

  17. I remember several years ago when Hanegraaff began to talk more against pretrib/premill or King James only brothers and sisters in the faith, than he did the cults.

  18. G,

    Sad, but true.
    I just thank God that He hasn’t allowed me to give up hope.

  19. I remember when counter-cult teaching and ministries morphed into brother-bashing, especially when Dave Hunt became a regular at CCCM.

    It was fashionable to be with the in-crowd, a cool, hip doctrine-discerner, but nobody ever told me of the cost of my viewing people through those shades of “right belief” would mean I had to choose to not wear my original prescription from The Great Optometrist.

    But I recently found His old prescription again and I can see clearly now… 😉

  20. The reality is that you can make more money, get more internet traffic, and achieve higher ratings by demonizing a group and doing it constantly.
    People enjoy having enemies and they enjoy feeling superior even more.

    That method obliterates any hope of reform if needed because it destroys dialog and real relationship.

    All of us in social media have to do constant heart checks….

  21. Michael,
    I’ve found that hope comes from realizing I’m not alone in my struggles, that we’re surrounded by those who really CAN relate, who DO care, who WILL pray and help however they can.

    I pray your interview is an open door for a job that pays for you and Trey, and that you end up with a great company, a great boss and co-workers.

  22. “If your home church has to expand to the dining room as well as the front room…are you now multi-site?”
    haha! Well done, Michael. Gave me a laugh for the afternoon.

  23. “I pray your interview is an open door for a job that pays for you and Trey, and that you end up with a great company, a great boss and co-workers.”

    I join in this prayer.

  24. Thank you, G, Jean…I’m out the door.
    Back in a while…

  25. I was hoping #1 was about Putin

  26. A naked church meeting????

    The very thought of such makes me thankful God sewed the first clothing for humanity.


    Thanks Michael, great thread!

  27. Praying for Michael’s interview

  28. #7 Bet the reality is thin on the ground on those shows and most have the perfect gym body. Even people that might like those shows wouldn’t want to see most reality.

  29. May the Lord open and/or close doors accordingly for your work situation Michael. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will direct your steps.

  30. Mars Hill: what a mess. It’s hard to fathom that we as the Church, with all our blemishes and flaws, are yet the beautiful bride of Christ.

  31. Jackie, Derek, Bob…thanks.
    I think it went well…but I’ve thought so before. 🙂

  32. Wish the best for your work situation Michael.

    1. I honestly think this is the tilting point for MH and MD, there is just to much inertia and the very top reason the revenue is dwindling, That is one sin the American Church cant ever forgive, ever.

  33. I ditto nos. 22 and 24 Michael. May Providence work her magic for you and nudge the dice in your favor.

  34. Late to the “party”…. adding my prayers for your job interview…. Nite!

  35. Hello, Michael! Mike Morrell asked me to contact you because he really appreciates your blog and thinks you’d be an excellent candidate for his Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like: http://thespeakeasy.info

  36. Sorry, I find the juxtaposition of your #1 and #3 to be ironic….. There seems to be an unhealthy preoccupation with whatever Mr. Driscoll does or says. Is he a bad man or bad Pastor? Then freakin’ leave his church. There is something wrong with the industry that has sprung up around criticizing and tearing down Driscoll at every turn. It is exactly like the supermarket tabloids where we take perverted glee in the man’s worsening fortunes, salivating for his gory and spectacular demise. Especially by people who are not affiliated with or otherwise directly connected with him or his church. I am sorry brothers, there is something sickening at the heart of this that is every bit as bad whatever Driscoll has done. But I guess we all need our pound of flesh…

  37. Mark Driscoll is a franchise owner in the American Church, the young restless and reformed branch of that industry, nothing more. He is protecting his market share, there is no higher calling than that. The bible, Jesus, Salvation grace and all that other tripe are really secondary. Personally I hope and pray that those injured avail themselves of another American tradition far more holy than communion in and out of the church, a civil suit. That’s what I hope.

  38. Oh sorry that is just my opinion I am expressing I know he is a pastor of several churches but it comes of as the above. I cant speak to his heart only what I see. I could be very wrong. I hope I am.

  39. Breaking my silence to say that thought #4 with a slight rephrase is the very definition of the modern evangelical church.

  40. Reuben !!! – Go Rockies 🙂

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