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From 2014-2016 we reported on allegations of sexual abuse at a Philippine children’s home which was at the time run by Tom Randall and his World Harvest Ministries.

You can read a synopsis of that story written by the whistleblower by clicking here.

Randall himself was arrested and released by authorities, a situation that made headlines here in the United States and a martyr of Randall with his supporters.

We tried (without success) to get authorities or the press to dig deeper into the situation.

For more background on this story click here for all the articles we’ve written as well as a podcast interviewing one of the victims.

There is also this story on alleged financial irregularities and more unanswered questions.

Now, despite all of these questions, Randall is making a triumphant return to the Philippines.

From his October “prayer letter”…

Dear Friends
I would like you to consider giving me your blessing and prayers as I return to the Philippines to visit and minister from November 20 to December 4. I understand that many will not like the idea of me returning considering the threats, ambushes, and arrests over the years. Frankly, the people in the Philippines are not expecting me to return after my unjust arrest and imprisonment during my last ministry trip.
It is difficult to explain the burden and love God has given me for the country and people of the Philippines. But perhaps you can understand my desire to see and hug my kids again. I am also anxious to encourage our missionary staff and friends who have bravely carried on and grown our ministry in the Philippines. I have a powerful story to tell, the language to communicate, and the Good News of Christ to share.
Personally receiving apologies from the NBI agents, DSWD personal, and prison guards and officials has been encouraging. Even the girl who accused our staff member of a kiss has asked forgiveness from him and Karen and me. The missionary who inserted himself into our business and escalated the gossip and slander which resulted in our arrest and the detention of our kids is no longer credible or relevant and poses no threat.
We are encouraged by Joseph’s response in Genesis 41:52. “For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.” Karen and I are so thankful to our church, supporters, and friends who have helped us “sow with tears and reap with joy” these past three plus years while healing from the betrayal, physical abuse and continued slander. As I look to return to the Philippines with a renewed enthusiasm and boldness I want to speak of what I have seen and heard. (Acts 4:20-29).
While still imprisoned in Cell Block 1 a Christian visitor of military authority came to my aid. He fed me, prayed for me, and then stunned and motivated me with the exact words the Lord said to Paul in Acts 18:9-10. “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you and no one will attack or harm you for I have many in this city who are my people.”
And so it was after my “visitor” left Cell Block 1 I was no longer attacked or threatened and four more inmates would give their lives to Christ before my release! “What shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?… Who can separate us from the love of Christ?” The apostle Paul asks these questions and then gives the answers in Romans 8:31-39 after experiencing God’s power and presence in prison. “ For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
So it is with great confidence that I ask you to pray and send me again on another adventure with Jesus and the Good News to the Philippines! Karen will be at home or with her mom in Michigan so I will travel alone this time. But there will be many friends waiting for me in Manila and providing security and fellowship every day, in every place, all the time. God is not finished with me yet!

Still your missionary,

Tom Randall

All of the comments have been overwhelmingly supportive to the letter posted on Facebook.

There could not possibly be a letter written that shows how those in positions of power can position themselves against accusations and scrutiny.

His accusers have all allegedly either recanted or been found to lack credibility.

He has bravely withstood his enemies and they have allegedly apologized.

He walks in the power of God, has been vindicated, and is unafraid.

The only thing he left out is a mention of the devil.

There is no proof offered for any of this, just bold and pious statements.

It works…for now.

For the record, I have interviewed many of the people in this situation many times and they do not lack credibility at all.

I have spoken with the alleged victims and they do not lack credibility at all.

I have spoken with the whistleblowers and found them both credible and godly people.

Whether there will ever be a real investigation into all of the issues surrounding Tom Randall is an open question…but then, there are a lot of those.



  11 Responses to “Tom Randall To Return To the Phillipines”

  1. Lord, have mercy and please protect all those with whom this “missionary” comes in contact, especially children.

  2. Oh, and Lord, may His funding unexplainably run dry. Amen

  3. Michael, is there anything we can do besides pray ? He appears to have his own ministry and financial support. And to be honest, I fear for those that came forward. He seems to be a very scary person.

  4. Richard,

    He has a LOT of financial and political support.
    If anything happens to deal with this it will be an act of God.
    keep praying…

  5. CK,

    Thanks and amen, my friend.

  6. An act of God, indeed… joining in prayer for God to vindicate His name

  7. Even if people have no scruples, no sense of morality, no wisdom or ability to sense when other people are lying, and are willing to swallow any sort of bull crap that Tom Randall spews, could they at the very least punch him in the face for his terrible logo alone? A unicycle? Really? What? The? Heck? These people are immoral monsters and they have terrible aesthetic taste too.

  8. Maybe the unicycle is symbolic – don’t you have to keep moving or you’ll fall? 😀

  9. https://livingontheedge.org/broadcast/how-to-face-the-future-in-times-of-doubt-part-1/daily-radio

    Here is one of Tom’s friend’s- Chip Ingram. Tom is mentioned in this transcript. Contact Chips’s two ministries: Living on the Edge and Venture Christian Church where Tom spoke August 6, 2017, http://venture.cc/sermons/

    I wrote Chip – no response. Maybe he needs to hear more people asking why an outside, unbiased investigation hasn’t been allowed. Contact Christ Community Chapel Hudson, Ohio where Tom is on paid staff- ask them why? https://hudson.ccchapel.com/staff

  10. Was is Skip Heitzig back in the day who had that ridiculous website with the motorcycle that would race off down the freeway when you clicked on the home page?

    I may follow Laura’s advice and contact Christ Community Chapel about why Tom is on staff. But, it’s not like it’s going to do anything. These people are in it for the money not because of Jesus, and they’re not any better than all the people who enabled Weinstein and his ilk.

  11. There was also a kidnapping charge surrounding this very same orphanage administrator in 2010. Kidnapping and rape charges both conveniently go away? How does that even happen? Beyond suspicious! Money and connections with the military and politicians, that’s how. What in the world does it take for the people of God most closely associated with all of this to question, to look beyond their pride, to return to the heart of Jesus- that we would be concerned about justice and the abused and His Kingdom on earth, not our own kingdoms of mega-churches and deep coffers?


    This case just won’t go away, partly due to Tom’s recent trip back to the Philippines. (He’s currently there at the time of this post.) See the latest posts on an article written by Sam Allard of Cleveland Scene back in 2014.


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