Dec 312015

headerThe top five stories numerically on the Phoenix Preacher this year…

First Public Update On Bob Coy
August 2014

Mike Kestler Back On CSN: Updated
August 2015

How To Dump Your Wife and Keep Your “Ministry”
January 2015

Update on Peter-John Courson
December 2014

Clarity on the TT Situation
September 2015

Overall numbers were down from last year, but we still had over 830,0000 visitors from 175 different countries.

Martin Luthers Disciple was our leading commentor with 2680 comments.

I’ll be back in a while with the stories I feel were the most important this year and why.


  7 Responses to “Top Stories of 2015”

  1. “Martin Luthers Disciple was our leading commentor with 2680 comments.” Michael has provided the fuel and dear MLD fans the flames… i am indebted to them both

  2. MLD is averaging over 7 comments a day. The rest of us need to step up our “commenting performance” in 2016.

    Does MLD get special privileges as part of the Frequent Commenter Club? Maybe give his words a free-upgrade to ALL CAPS, or a special font?

  3. EricL,

    He keeps things moving … 🙂

    Em and Josh were in the top five as well…

  4. Only 7 comments per day? I must be turning into a sissy – or I am just too politically correct. 😉

  5. my N.Y. resolution is to only post questions in 2016
    i’ve got 6 more hours to pontificate … 🙂

  6. Em,

    Your pontifications are always welcome…

  7. thank you, Michael, you have been kind and patient with me and other pontificators, too, but it’s time to put the preacher-mom to rest … i’ll just ponder on the erudite that bless your site … and continue to enjoy your posts

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