Apr 292013

I love this… and I love Patrick’s heart for skaters and for God.

We are insanely grateful to be allowed to be part of his vision.

If you have a skateboarder you love…check this out!


  10 Responses to “Treys New Sponsor: ANVL”

  1. Is this replacing Patrick’s old brand? Or is this in addition to? Love the team hoodie.

  2. It’s a replacement for now…and it’s really well done.

  3. Proud of you Trey! Do well and enjoy.

  4. PS,
    I made my first skateboard in 1957 out of a 2X4 and metal roller skates…never saw one or even knew about them. I just made it myself and the rest is history.

  5. Way to go, Trey and Patrick!

  6. Way to go Trey! This is very special and you are one talented young man!

  7. Way to go, Trey!!!

  8. Cool!

  9. Thanks all…help me help this business succeed…we need every positive influence in our kids lives possible.

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