Update On The Tom Randall Philippine Orphanage Scandal

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  1. Mr Jesperson says:

    Thanks for posting this up. The way that children and adults get abused so often within “Christian” charity organizations just completely enrages me. To date, I have seen almost no actual justice for perps and for the total a*holes that cover this demonic crap up. I do not care if they are a head of a ministry like KP, or a Mega-Church pastor, a Catholic Cardinal or a couple of old rockers running a Christian commune in Chicago. It is pure evil to abuse people in this way why putting a nice Jesus sticker up on your website or church. Most of the time I am about as unemotional as Spock from Star Trek. But let me see things like this and “Spotlight,” and at least hell is permanent and well deserved. All I got to say: http://www.tomrandall.org/

  2. Michael says:

    Mr. Jesperson,

    Even more infuriating is the lack of response by the American media or churches,except to report what Randall wanted reported.

    We’ve written half a dozen stories on this over the last three years…nothing.

  3. Nonnie says:

    Thank yo Michael and Joe Mauk and family for speaking up and coming to the defence of the abused….the little guy.

    Reading the way Tom Randall spoke treated his staff and Joe’s daughter was disgusting. Threats, lies, intimidation…..he is playing such a dirty game, but playing against people of integrity, who love others above their egos.. God bless you all.

  4. Em ... again says:

    in the late 1960s our dearest friends’ son had joined the Peace Corps after graduating from the University of Washington – already questioning his faith courtesy of the educators the time. He learned Tagalog was assigned to the Philippines, traveled thru some of the larger Asian cities and wrote home that the he’d lost all respect for American missionaries after watching their conduct in that part of the world…
    so sad…

  5. Em ... again says:

    i should add, for the sake of our Nonnies throughout the world, that what my friends’ son observed were the big-wigs living loud and large, not the real servants of God such as her

  6. Michael says:

    Joe Mauk has been a steadfast warrior on behalf of these kids.

    There’s a special place in hell for the perps and those who cover for them…

  7. Em ... again says:

    to my knowledge, the Church has never taught the letters to the 7 churches of Revelation with anything like the intensity that it places on how to take communion or how to be baptized effectively 🙂 … every single model given applies to every single year that the Church has walked this earth and should be as pertinent a teaching as any ritual IMHO

  8. nathan priddis says:


    I am wondering if a claim can be brought against the US ministry, and possibly the supporting / sending church. There are several different areas that would need to align for a credible suit.

    A cursory scan of the reported details would seem to say a definite maybe.

  9. Michael says:


    It was a multitude of sending churches…Randall gets support from all over the country.

    Those of us trying to expose this are not wealthy…and Randall has a rich, well oiled machine with people supporting him and lifting him up to martyr/hero status.

    Rumor has it that he’s also well connected politically…the local press in Ohio won’t touch this story, but reported on his “unjust imprisonment” for days.

    It will take an act of God to bring justice…but I’m foolish enough to believe for it.

  10. Melanie says:

    This has been ongoing for almost three years. Its truly a miracle that justice is still being pursued by some of the victims given The Sankey victims are poor vs. a huge war chest on behalf of the abusers. The truth cannot be silenced. It will eventually come out no matter how much influence or “hush” money is paid. Those who turned their heads on the victims must live with themselves for trying to sweep this under the rug. I never turned my back on this…even though I suffered strain in my relationship with some church members including being kicked out…excommunicated or whatever you want to call it…from a home Bible study sponsored by CCC for my refusal to let it go and to pretend it never happened,

  11. SJ says:

    The lady missionary that spoke up when no one was present which allowed the legal proceedings to continue is an angel of the Lord. If she wasn’t there the entire thing would have been dismissed.

  12. Michael says:


    This whole story is about a very few real followers of Christ taking on a religious machine.
    God bless you and those who keep the light on…

  13. Jtk says:


    Lord, help the victims, help the truth to see the light of day…

  14. Michael says:

    For all the stories we’ve written on this debacle, insert”Tom Randall” in the search box on top of the page…

  15. Jtk says:

    “There’s a special place in hell for the perps and those who cover for them…”

    I totally agree.

    I wonder if something like this is the case:
    My life has been personally harmed by abuse I’ve suffered. Law enforcement never investigated further.

    My life has been negatively affected by false accusations against me, and I’ve seen much personal harm done to others who were truly innocent who were falsely accused.

    EVERY man of God I’ve talked to has one or more stories of the latter. Seemingly only newbies haven’t experienced false accusation.

    I wonder if “the boy who cried wolf” phenomenon causes many Christians to give pause to repeating a matter. It certainly isn’t always a bad thing but how can churches do better?

  16. Jtk says:

    I find myself quite torn, because of my living contradictions.

    I’m just glad I don’t live in the Phillipines and are close with one of those kids, while possessing a firearm.

  17. Michael says:


    I think it’s simple, every day, old fashioned, idolatry.

  18. Jtk says:

    So “idolatry”…

    Because these are big, famous and well-connected people accused, who have money, many churches look the other way?

    That’s what you’re saying?

    Makes me glad I don’t keep up with the idol lists

  19. brian says:

    “So, in the Philippines, once money comes into the picture, the advantage goes to the perpetrators.” Not just in the Philippines and that’s good and should be honored or at least that is what I have seen.

  20. Al says:


    This really upsets me about that System and about our CORRUPT religious leaders here in the USA.

    I am proud of Mr. Mauk and his daughter and especially the Victims who have remained strong in bringing some form of justice and accountability in that situation.

    Why does God allow this bad stuff? I don’t know. I’m not mad at God, I’m mad at that jerk Randall who should know better and I’m mad at the perps who hurt the kids. I’m disgusted with those who defend and fund Tom Randall. If you fund him you share in his sin and his judgment.

  21. Al says:

    God, why do you allow this stuff? Why do you not take swift action against these perpetrators of evil on “the least of these”?

    They are proud and unrepentant. They cause disillusion in Jesus and his name. Their supporters who claim you continue to fund them and empower them to do evil. Why do you let them get away with it?

    Are you not a God of justice?

  22. Al says:

    Act, Lord. Be a God of justice toward those unrepentant devils who claim your name.

  23. Melanie says:

    Al. The lead pastor and his staff at CCC that funded Tom Randall’s World Harvest Ministries were given copies of the actual charges against the perps. They turned their heads and continued in their denial that anything happened at Sankey, all the while continuing to accept congregants tithe money. THEY NEVER SHARED THE ACTUAL CHARGES AGAINST THE PERPS WITH THEIR CONGREGATION. We used to attend there, and left the church because we did not want our tithe money dedicated to the Lord getting into Randalls coffers.

  24. Melanie says:

    Al. I should say we didn’t want any MORE of our tithe money getting into Randall’s coffers. Wish I could receive a refund and give it to a more worthy, spiritually filled church that doesn’t sweep sexual abuse under the carpet.

  25. Kimberley says:

    I want to know what’s up with Tom and Karen. Justice seems to gave escaped their negligence AND accomplice behavior

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