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galleryWhen Tom Randall returned to to the United States as a persecuted hero of the faith after being detained by Philippine authorities on child abuse charges, he announced that he was running “one of the best orphanages in the world”.

The trials for the director of that orphanage and one of the workers there begin tomorrow.


According to a document obtained by us, Randall has some more questions to answer.

According a a report from last year written by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) the operation wasn’t an orphanage at all.

The children had families.

Furthermore, the operation was operating under a suspended license which has not been reinstated yet.

The document further states that,among other things, that they were not licensed for the age of the children in their care.  That continued assessment of families’ ability to re-accept the children was not done, contrary to government policy.  That expected visits to the families were limited.  That it was improper for the director (Toto) to be president of the board.  The director is expected to be a non-voting member of the board.  The social worker was to do all of the counseling with the young people but all the counseling was done by Toto and no records of the meetings were kept.  They commended the physical facilities but also requested better maintenance of them.

“Toto”, the director, is one of the ones facing charges tomorrow.

We will be following those trials as best as we can from here and reporting on them as information becomes available.

The compound is now being used as a training facility for the military which I’m told has strong ties to Randall and the accused.

That sends a message to those who might testify or come forward with new information.

It’s about time that the large donor network Randall has established starts asking questions…and hopefully the mainstream media will as well.

For further background on this story please reference the articles we’ve already published.

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  10 Responses to “Updating The Philippine “Orphanage” Scandal”

  1. I wonder if some of the administrative irregularities have to do with the evangelical mistrust of social services and social workers. And a condescending view of third world countries and their laws.

  2. Probably all of the above, Xenia…

  3. No excuse. We are to respect governments and obey their laws, unless they violate God’s commands.The law is there to protect, even in a corrupt situation.

  4. Amen, Americanlola!

    Thank you, Michael for telling this story, I hope Randalls supporters will start to ask questions. Even more, I pray the truth will come out and healing will take place .

  5. This stuff really breaks my heart and my evangelical shadow self makes me literally loathe myself for feeling / thinking that way. We should always protect the power structure always and twice on Sunday.

  6. Trial started first round Friday morning. Don’t know when the next continuation is. Someone monitoring the trial said their defense is to try to make the raid/rescue by the NBI an illegitimate raid so everything gets thrown out. They can’t fight the clear statements of the kids. Unlikely they will be successful. Things were done according to strict and professional procedures including professionally trained interviews of the kids monitored by the social welfare department.

  7. Thank you for the update, Joe.
    What an abominable way for these people to represent Christ.

  8. Continuing to pray for you and yours, Joe, as well as the kids. God bless you!

  9. One of my friends who ministered in the Philippines for many years posted this on my FB page:

    “This makes me so sick to my stomach. Yes, I know the military friends that Tom has, and frankly he has earned those friends. I’ve heard of Tom staying by their side as chaplain during their tragedies, such as kidnappings of relatives, etc. It’s also a known fact that many “orphanages” have children who still have families, the same is true for street children rescue centers. The families are poor or not able to adaquately care for the kids, that is not uncommon. But there are serious allegations of sexual abuse and that needs to be taken care of. NO “GOOD OL BOYS CLUB”……JUST SAY NO! Let us all pray for JUSTICE TO PREVAIL and the price needs to be paid for misdeeds, no matter how “good” someone has been and how many good deeds they have done with their life.”

  10. Any updates since start of June 6 trial? Have not found a squeak of information. Thank you.

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